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5 Fun Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Adulthood comes bearing the irreplaceable tag of responsibilities and life’s simple charms such as waking up with an unimaginable enthusiasm on Easter for an exciting egg hunt, takes up a shady corner amidst the forgotten layers of our consciousness. But can’t we revive those innocent pleasures? Being an adult doesn’t mean that we assume a deadpan look always.

So, here’s a little plan for all grownups. Let’s turn our habitual Easter egg hunt to a memorable adventure. How? Just skim through these exotic ideas.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Games for Grown-ups

Adult Easter Egg Hunt

1. The Clue Gatherer

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Adults

A bit of mystery is sure to make your gang mobilize its hazy gray cells. Fill up plastic eggs with simple clues that lead to a certain unexpected prize, say a basket full of goodies. Place them in different inconspicuous corners of your house and see how everyone turns into a desperate Holmes or Poirot in this thrilling scavenger hunt. To make the game more exciting, have riddles for hints.

2. A Walk Down the Memory Lane

Adult Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

How about painting your evening with merry remembrances from the past? Pour each egg with inscriptions such as ‘describe your earliest Easter egg hunt feelings’ or ‘narrate something funny that happened on Easter egg hunt day’. As each recalls his/her past, soak in the warmth of the priceless moments left behind and make the occasion nostalgic.

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Wonders

Glow in the Dark Adult Easter Egg Hunt

This creative idea is surely going to usher a smile on your friend’s lips. Collect small gift items that your guests are sure to love, like pendants, perfumes, wallets etc., put them inside the eggs along with a glow-stick bracelet in each and turn off the lights. For an added charm, you may carefully implant hand drawn, wacky cartoon figures of each.

4. Make it a Drinking Game

Grown Up Easter Egg Hunt

After everyone’s eyes are moist with fond tears of bittersweet memories, it’s definitely time to be a bit naughty. So go ahead, fill every egg with small slips of paper containing the number of sips of alcohol one has to take. You may also put in cute cutouts of wine bottles and shot glasses for the clues. One thing is certain: the more the number of sips, the merrier the evening.

5. Fun and Fitness

There’s no fixed time for stretching those idle limbs or shaking those paunchy tummies. So why not employ this egg hunting as a perfect setting for combining fun with fitness? Hide inside each plastic egg a clear message of what exercise the finder has to perform, and don’t forget to include the number of times he has to do it. Make sure to put some quirky ones!

In the movie, Forest Gump, there is a memorable assertion made by the central character, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Indeed, if we infuse wee enjoyments in our lives by organizing such exciting activities, then the long journey would undoubtedly be akin to a cherished chest of delectable delights, and we would scarcely have a chance to grumble.

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