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11 Joyful Minute to Win It Christmas Games

Celebrate Christmas in style with enjoyable games and activities enlisted here. Though we already have a post on minute to win it games, a Christmas edition was worth creating. Kids would fall in love with the ideas. Even adults would find the games interesting. They can be played in the classroom as well as the office.

Minute to Win It Christmas Games

Minute to Win It Christmas Party Games

Candy Cane Pile Up

Christmas Minute to Win It Game

This is a couple game. Hence ask all the couples to assemble in the play area before starting.

  1. Keep the candy canes in a bowl on a table.
  2. Ask a couple to come near the table and put a single candy cane in each person’s mouth.
  3. Now they should try to transfer as many candy canes as they can from the bowl to an empty bowl kept at a certain distance away within a minute. They should only use the candy canes in their mouths for the transfer.

The couple that piles up the maximum number of candy canes is the winner.

The Snow Shovel Game

Minute to Win It Game for Christmas

You can have any number of players for this game. It would be a good idea to divide the group into 2 teams and see which one of them wins. Large groups can be divided into several teams. Everyone should participate and the team with the highest points wins.

  1. Each player is given a straw, mini marshmallows in a bowl and a mug.
  2. They should suck up the marshmallows (snow) with the straws provided and transfer them to the mugs kept at a small distance away. Each marshmallow kept in the mug earns a point. Time is 1 minute.

No touching the marshmallows with the hand is allowed.

Tip: If you are able to take 2 marshmallows at a time with the straw, you would require half the time needed when you transfer them one at a time.

Stack Attack with One Hand

Minute to Win It Christmas Party Game

  1. Each player is supplied with 36 cups.
  2. Using a single hand they have to stack the cups up in a pyramid shape and then bring them down within a minute.

Holiday Hustle

Christmas Minute to Win It Party Game

This game should be played with 2 or more teams having 2 participants in each. This is because the game can be played only with 2 people.

  1. Attach a yardstick to each teammate’s waist. This can be achieved by using strong glue to adhere the yardsticks to belts.
  2. Wrap a roll of a ribbon to the free end of one player’s yardstick and attach the end of the ribbon to the free end of the other player’s yardstick.
  3. The players should now stand facing each other with enough distance between them so that the yardsticks are tip to tip.
  4. Moving their waists and hips the couple of players should wind the roll of ribbon from one yardstick to another. No use of hands is allowed.

Jingle in the Trunk

Minute to Win It Game for Christmas Parties

For this, you need empty tissue boxes, jingle bells and string. This is played with 2 or more players.

  1. Place 12 jingle bells inside a tissue box and attach it to the lower back of each player with string.
  2. Using their body movements, they should remove all the jingle bells from the box.

The person who completes the task first or one who removes the maximum jingle bells in the stipulated time is the winner.

Christmas Lollipop

Create around 3-5 stations each being nothing but a table with a ping pong ball resting on a stack of 3 nuts with a straw lying by the side. The players are allowed to use only one hand.

  1. At the start signal, a contestant tries to stand the straw upright.
  2. Holding the nut and ping pong ball stack, he should slide all the nuts through the straw in a neat pile with the ball resting on top.
  3. He should move on to the next station to repeat the activity.

The person who completes the maximum Christmas lollipop arrangements in the designated time is the winner. The ball falling off the straw would result in elimination.

Below is the blueprint in the form of a video for helping you with the execution of the game.

Reindeer Nose Dive

Christmas Game Minute to Win It

You would need Vaseline and 5 craft pom poms stuck at the ends of ribbons of length 7 inches for each player.

  1. Apply Vaseline to the tip of the nose of a contestant.
  2. He should hold the free end of a ribbon with his mouth while trying to bring the pom pom end upwards to stick it to his nose. Only head movements are allowed and no use of hands is permitted.
  3. He should finish with all the 5 pom poms within 60 seconds or less.

The person who finishes first or lands the maximum pom poms on his nose is the winner.

Ball Conveyor

This is played with 2 persons. Divide the entire group into teams of 2 people.

  1. The couple stands facing each other with a length of ribbon wrapped around their waists in a loop surrounding and connecting them.
  2. One of them who has a bowl of 5 Christmas ornaments with hooks and a Christmas tree by his side will hook an ornament to the ribbon.
  3. The players now spin round and round in tandem so that the ornament moves towards the other player, crosses him and lands back at the starting point close to the first player.
  4. The first player now unhooks the ornament and puts it on the Christmas tree. It is repeated for the other ornaments.

The team that decorates the Christmas tree the fastest is the winner. A video guide is given below to help you.

Christmas Cliffhanger

Christmas Party Minute to Win It Game

  1. Open up 10 Christmas cards and make them stand in a line, inverted close to the edge of a table such that they resemble tents.
  2. A player must blow on them from the opposite edge of the table such that they hang from the edge but don’t fall off.

The player who gets the most hanging cards in a minute is the winner. You should only blow on the cards and not touch them in any way.

In The Balance

Minute to Win It Christmas Game for Kids

This game is played in pairs. You may create teams of 2 players each.

  1. Stand an empty wrapping paper tube on the floor and balance a yardstick kept horizontally over it.
  2. 2 persons, sitting at the opposite ends of the yardstick try to hang 10 Christmas ornaments on it, 5 each without disturbing the balance of the structure.

The team that finishes fastest and for whom the balance remains intact for 3 minutes is the winner.

Snowball Toss through Christmas Wreath

Christmas Themed Minute to Win It Game

  1. Marshmallows signifying snowballs are tossed through a wreath hung at the door or on any frame to a bowl kept on the other side.

The players should maintain a specific distance from the wreath. The person who gets the maximum snowballs in the bowl in a minute is the winner.

You can pump up the fun by keeping note of your score in this printable scorecard. The highest scorer gets a grand gift.

Christmas Minute to Win It Games for Kids

After going through the entire list, we are sure you would find the Christmas versions of the minute to win it games inviting. The bigger the group, the greater the excitement. They have instructions that are simple, can be played at home and don’t require a lot of supplies. The Christmas theme increases the fun by a few notches.

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