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3 Hearty Harry Potter Party Games for Adults

Harry Potter games are fun to play with family and friends at parties. They keep the guests engaged and build camaraderie. While throwing a party for adults, special attention needs to be paid to the party décor and invites. You could invite them to come dressed as Harry Potter characters and design the games accordingly. However, irrespective of the dress code, the enjoyable games promise truckloads of excitement and thrill.

Harry Potter Party Games for Adults

Harry Potter Party Game Ideas for Adults

Hunt for the Golden Snitch

Harry Potter Party Game Ideas for Adults

  1. Spray paint a small whiffle ball gold, thread a small piece of tulle through it for the wings, stick it to a wire and hide it in an inconspicuous corner of the house. [For example, you could attach it to the top frame of the front door.]
  2. Divide the group into 2 teams and engage them in the search.

The group that spots the Snitch first is the winner.

Drinking Game for Potions Class

Harry Potter Birthday Party Game for Adults

  1. Choose 4 cocktails that have at least 3 ingredients in them. [They could be White Russian, Margarita, Whisky Ginger and Tequila Sunrise.]
  2. Write the names of the ingredients on small pieces of paper and fold them (all in the same fashion) so that the names are not visible.
  3. Put the chits in a jar and shuffle.
  4. Divide the group into 4
  5. Allow each team to pick up 3 chits and create a drink with the ingredients they got.
  6. The birthday boy or host of the party is blindfolded and tasted the potions.

The drink that the taster likes best decides the winning team.

Guess Who I Am

Harry Potter Themed Party Game for Adults

This game requires 2 to play. So it would be a good idea to divide the assembled group into couples.

  1. Print the names of Harry Potter characters on small pieces of paper.
  2. Stick them to the foreheads of 1 player from each team.

N.B. Don’t allow them to take a look at a mirror or any digital camera photographing them lest they get to know what is written.

  1. Now the person has to ask yes or no questions to his fellow teammate to help him arrive at the identity of the character pasted on his forehead.

The team that guesses correctly in the least time is the winner.

It would be a good idea to make some noise while playing. Let out those encouraging screams for your fellow players who are having a tough time. That is sure going to egg them on. The prizes given off at the end can be decorated creatively keeping the Potterheads in mind.

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