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4 Rocking Minute to Win It Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are the time to celebrate the arrival of a baby. While the party can be themed on a baby’s belongings the games too can have the kiddie factor riding high to garner the awws. They don’t need a lot of supplies and can be played in big as well as small groups. With the minute to win it clause that adds to the thrill, it won’t be hard to get the party peeps into a fun mood.

Minute to Win It Baby Shower Game

1) Thirsty baby

Baby Shower Minute to Win It Game

  1. Fill feeding bottles with water.
  2. The contestants should drink as much they can within a minute.

The person who drinks the most is the winner.

2) Diaper Message for Mom

Minute to Win It Game for Baby Shower

  1. Give each player a sketch pen and diaper.
  2. Let them write a sweet, funny or silly message on the diapers within a minute. They can get creative, but the note should be short.
  3. After 1 minute, the messages are read out.

The note that gathers the most cheers and laughter decides the winner.

3) 1, 2 Lace My Shoe

Minute to Win It Coed Baby Shower Game

This is a fun coed baby shower game.

  1. Let the men sit on chairs along one side of a large room or hall.
  2. Ask them to take off their shoes and place them in a line near the opposite wall. You can demarcate the area with tape.
  3. Blow up balloons and put them under their shirts.
  4. They should cross the room and lace their shoes without popping the balloons within a minute.

The one who finishes first or is closest to the task completion is the winner.

4) Tape the Diaper on the Baby

Minute to Win It Game to Play at a Baby Shower

  1. Cut out diaper shapes from scrapbook paper.
  2. Draw a baby on a whiteboard fixed near or on a wall.
  3. Make each player stand at the opposite side of the room.
  4. The space in between him and the whiteboard should be strewn with obstacles such as chairs, boxes, etc.
  5. Blindfold him. Hand him double sided tape and the paper diaper.
  6. Instruct him to go to the other side of the room and tape the diaper on the baby’s sketch within a minute.
  7. Repeat with the other players.

The player who tapes with the maximum precision is the winner.

You can pass on snacks as the games are played. It would be great to munch on treats as you indulge in the competitive spirit. The presents can be themed on a baby’s stuff that the mom would find useful. Ensure that you dress in charming yet classy attire that would make your look camera-friendly. That is a prerequisite these days as parties are a shutterbug’s paradise.

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