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5 Superb Lego Birthday Party Games

A Lego birthday party is a great occasion for fun and frolic. The theme of the cute blocks can be utilized in the party décor to the fullest. The games too, carry a sense of building Lego. We have compiled a set of games that can be played at the party involving kids as well as adults. Just go through the below list for some great ideas.

Lego Birthday Party Game

1) Lego Guessing Game


  1. Put Lego in a container and ask the participants to guess the number of pieces.
  2. The one who makes the correct or the closest guess is the winner.

Lego Game Idea for Birthday Party

2) Lego Movie Bingo

Make bingo cards, each slightly different from the others, with printouts of characters from the movie. Show cards to the group with the individual images of the characters and ask them to cancel out that character, if present, from their own cards. The winner gets a grand Lego-themed prize.

Lego Birthday Party Game Idea

3) Ninjago Lego Toss Game


  1. Hang paper containers on the wall with numbers on them that increase in the upward direction. The numbers signify points.
  2. The players score by tossing Lego pieces into the containers.

The person with the highest score is the winner.

Lego Themed Birthday Party Game

4) Building Lego Speedorz

This would be a great idea for a Chima themed Lego party. You need a big collection of Legos for the kids to build. Lay them out on large baking sheets with high edges that help to keep everything organized. The person who finishes first is the winner. The built structure should be neat too. If you want you can give them Lego City blocks for building.

Lego Games for Birthday Party

5) Build the Tallest Tower

This Lego Friends game would be a great source of enjoyment for the kids.

  1. Give each participant a tray of Legos.
  2. Let them build a Lego tower within 60 seconds.

The player with the tallest tower is the winner.

Lego Friends Birthday Party Game

The games ensure a wonderful bonding time with your friends and relatives. You can have a soft music on while the kids get busy with the blocks. Colorful paper Lego designs on the walls and around the game arena add to the décor and fun.

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