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5 Thrilling Housewarming Party Games

A housewarming party is the perfect opportunity to introduce your guests to the interiors of your aesthetically decorated den. Organizing exciting games can serve as icebreakers for the group. Spread the cheer as you involve them in a healthy competition. You can serve drinks and snacks as they play the games. It is always great to munch on something while getting busy with a tad serious stuff.

Housewarming Party Game

1) Housewarming Bingo

Printable Housewarming Party Game

Distribute Bingo cards and have fun crossing out unique qualities that identify your friends. Just call out the characteristics and whoever has that on his card, crosses it out. You can have prizes for the person who gets the first horizontal row, the first diagonal row and the full house. Take a cue from the below free printable.

2) Drinking Game

Housewarming Party Game for Adults

  1. Cut out circles from a large Styrofoam board and write the drinking rules above the hollows with a sharpie.
  2. Make the board stand upright at the center of a room.
  3. Call out the participants in groups of 2 and hand them ping pong balls.
  4. Let each one in the team take 2 turns in throwing the ball through the circular hollows to the other side.
  5. If successful, they should follow the associated drinking rule and take the shots.

3) Truth or Dare

Game for Housewarming Party

Just spin a bottle kept at the center of a table surrounded by the participants and have fun playing truth or dare. The free printable lists some activities that the person who dares can do. If truth is not told or a dare is not completed then the player has to drink a scoop cup of milkshake!

4) Couple Word Scramble

Housewarming Party Game Idea

Jumble the names of famous couples like Barbie and Ken, Princess Anna and Kristoff, etc. and print them out. Distribute the papers among the players and let them unscramble the words. The person who gets the maximum correct within a stipulated time is the winner.

5) What’s In Your Purse?

What to Do In a Housewarming Party Game

This simple game would be a hit with the ladies.

  1. Take printouts of the below free printable and distribute among the participants.
  2. They should write their names on the paper.
  3. If they find items on their papers that match the items in their purse, they should tick them and add up the points accumulated.
  4. The total points should be written at the bottom in the designated space.

The player with the maximum points is the winner.

These good and easy games let your creative juices flow and ensure that you are complimented for your hosting skills by your near and dear ones. Parties are a great time for making new friends, getting to know the old ones better and sharing your life experiences with all. Make the most of the opportunity while you let your hair down.

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