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5 Unique Gender Reveal Party Games

A gender reveal party is a time to revel in pre-baby fun. The would-be mom, family and friends are filled with anticipation on the eve of the party. When the celebrations begin, the mood lightens as the moment of reveal advances. The thrill of knowing the gender of the newborn is amplified manifold by the sheer introduction of these easy DIY party games.

Gender Reveal Party Games

Games to Play at Gender Reveal Party

1) Melt the Ice Cube to Find the Baby


  1. Have water frozen around little plastic figurines of girls or
  2. Hand the ice cubes with the figurines inside to the players.
  3. The person whose ice melts first should say “my water broke” and reveal the gender of the baby. He is the winner.

We are sure that the assembled guests would find this funny.

DIY Gender Reveal Party Game

2) Bow or Beau Cast your vote


  1. Put up a bulletin board with the name of the game on top. Divide it into 2 sections meant for a girl and a boy.
  2. Cut out pink and blue paper in a bow shape and keep them in a bowl near the board.
  3. Each one in the group casts his/her vote by pinning the bow of the desired color onto the board.

After the big reveal is made the ones with the correct predictions are awarded.

Gender Reveal Party Game Ideas

For twins, you could set up a board with 3 columns as given below.

Baby Gender Reveal Party Game Idea

Try out the below design of the board for a gender reveal party with the “What will it bee” theme. Note that the bees pinned for the votes are paper cutouts of bee printouts. The names of the participants can be written on them.

What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party Game

3) Old Wives Tales Guessing Game


  1. Take a bunch of cards. Write an old wife’s tale on each in the form of questions.
  2. Keep them in a bowl.
  3. Each player pulls out a card and asks the question to the mom-to-be who answers.
  4. The player predicts if it is a girl or a boy. The persons with the correct guesses are given

Baby Gender Reveal Party Game

Instead of the above procedure, you can distribute the below free printable in the group. The players can tick the appropriate options. The person with the maximum correct answers is the winner.

Game for Gender Reveal Party

4) Gifts Bingo


  1. Take printouts of the left bingo card given below and distribute it to the group.
  2. Each contestant fills it up with the names of gifts that the expecting mother would receive. You can show them a printout of the right bingo card for an example.
  3. When the mom-to-be opens her gifts one cancels out the items on his bingo card, if they are present.
  4. Once a person gets 4 in a row, he shouts “Bingo”. He is the winner.

Game to Play at a Gender Reveal Party

5) Pop the Belly

This team balloon dart game spells fun.


  1. Attach balloons filled with white paint on a board. Out of them, only one balloon should have pink or blue paint. The total number of balloons should be even.
  2. Divide the group into 2
  3. 2 persons, one from each team comes and pops a balloon by throwing a dart. Repeat with the other pairs until the unique balloon is popped.

The team that pops the gender revealing balloon is the winner.

Game to Play at a Baby Gender Reveal Party

Don’t you think the ideas are simple yet cute? You don’t need elaborate arrangements for them. You know that the games have been a success when you see the party peeps leaving with a broad smile and congratulating you on your efforts. Add to that, the joy of knowing the sex of the arriving baby. A lot of shopping would fill the coming days, now that you know the gender.

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5 Unique Gender Reveal Party Games

A gender reveal party is a time to revel in pre-baby fun. The would-be mom, family and friends are filled with anticipation on the eve of the party. When the …

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