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6 Fun Earth Day Games

Creating awareness about 22nd April or Earth Day among kids is rather significant. Now, since children respond to fun-filled activities the most, what better way can be adopted than resorting to exciting games for instilling into their young minds, concerns about caring for our dear planet? So, take a quick glimpse at any of these that emphasizes nature along with relevant concepts like recycling, etc. and consequently encourage kids to become conscious of the many priceless gifts of mother earth.

Earth Day Games

Earth Day Game Ideas for Preschoolers and Those in Elementary School and Kindergarten

Hop on Lily Pads

Earth Day Games for Preschoolers Hop on Lily Pads

Things Needed
  • 10 poster boards
  • 1 sound system

Before the game, cut the poster boards in the shape of lily pads and place them one after the other to form a big circle.

  1. Make the children stand in a line.
  2. Play a tune so that the kids may start hopping like frogs around the pads.
  3. As soon as the music stops, they should jump on the lily pads. Lessen the number of pads after each round.
  4. The child who stays till the end dons the winning cap.

Insect Hunting

Earth Day Games for Kindergarten Insect Hunting

Things Needed
  • 5 insect catching kits or 5 glass wide mouthed jars
  1. Distribute the kits or the jars to the children.
  2. Ask them to look for insects in your garden.
  3. They must try and put them in their kits or jars. They must also try to remember the names of any 3 insects.
  4. The one who is able to collect the most number of insects and also name them is the winner.

Along with triggering children to know nature closely, this game enhances their concentration power as well as memory skills.

Earth Day Games for Kids in Middle School

Watering a Plant from a Wheelbarrow

Games for Earth Day Watering a Plant from a Wheelbarrow

Things Needed
  • 1 wheelbarrow
  • 4 flower pots
  • 4 small cans of water
  1. Keep the pot and can at some distance from the starting point. Divide the children into pairs of two.
  2. Make one child from a pair sit inside the wheelbarrow, while the other should stand holding its handles.
  3. With your counting 3, the one standing, should push the wheelbarrow and take it to where the pot is.
  4. On reaching, the other kid must get up, take up the can and sprinkle water over the pot. Then they should come back in the same manner.
  5. Continue the game with the other pairs and note the time taken by each. Declare the one that has completed the game nicely within the least time as the winner.

Trash Pickup Game

Earth Day Games for School Trash Pickup Game

Things Needed
  • 1 trash can
  • 1 big bin
  • Some broken plastic cups, polythene bags, food wraps

Before starting the game, scatter all these items all over the room or in the lawn and place the bin and can at different corners.

  1. Make the children stand in a line.
  2. With your blowing a whistle, one child should run up to where the waste items are kept, collect them and put them in the bin and can.
  3. After noting down the time taken by him, let another kid do the same thing.
  4. The one, who takes the least time to complete, is triumphant.

You may also play with pairs of two and have a thrilling relay running game. In this case, one child will have to collect the items and bring them to the other, who accordingly has to put them in the bin and can.

Earth Day Games for High School Students or Adults

Facts Sorting Game

Earth Day Games for Adults Facts Sorting Game

Things Needed
  • 5 sheets of paper
  • 5 pens
  1. Distribute the sheets of paper and pens among 5 pupils.
  2. Ask them to write about 5 ways on topics like, how to make water usable for fishes and other marine life or how endangered animals can be saved, within 30 minutes.
  3. Read out each after they finish writing. Declare the one, who has written it most beautifully as the winner. Now, repeat the game with other students as well.

Earth Day Bingo

Earth Day Game Bingo

Things Needed
  • 6 bingo sheets
  • 4 pens

The sheets should have 3 columns and 5 rows. Inside one column, you may write, “Things I can reuse”, while in the other two, you may state, “Things I can recycle” and “Things I can save”.

  1. Divide 18 students of your class into groups of three and distribute the bingo sheets to the 6 groups made.
  2. Explain that they need to first interact with one another and then write down how they can recycle and reuse substances.
  3. Give them 20 minutes to complete their writing.
  4. Now, one member of each group has to stand up and read out the answers. Select the most appealing one as the champ.

You may play some of these games outside, as well as inside and involve variations such as showing flash cards or sighting words of plants, animals, etc. to kids and then initiate a quiz or engage older children in an interactive discussion about how they can minimise everyday wastage of valuable resources. Whatever you play and wherever you select to be, such a gesture, apart from enhancing their interest in physical games, is sure to help kids in becoming caring towards our dear earth and that’s the final objective. Isn’t it?

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