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7 Awesome April Fools Pranks For the Office

Turn April Fool’s Day into a laugh riot by playing a handful of quirky pranks at office. Pleasantly surprise your colleagues who were expecting another ho-hum day at work. They require minimal supplies and are appropriate for the work place environment. Any form of embarrassment is a strict no-no for this collection.

April Fools Pranks For the Office

1)  Why Does The Water Make Me Tipsy?

This prank involves replacing the water in the cooler with wine. Your colleagues are going to heart this!


  1. Take an empty water canister.
  2. Pour the wine in.
  3. Put it inside the cooler.


  • If your co workers are teetotalers, you can think of using tonic water instead of the vino.

April Fool’s Office Prank Picture

April Fool’s Office Computer Pranks

Fiddle with the computers of your coworkers to turn April Fool’s Day into a joyride.

2) Crazy Mouse

Cover the laser bottom of the optical mouse with tape. As the mouse movements go haywire, it would be a treat to watch the victim complain about a broken mouse.


  • Be creative by attaching a peculiar message on a piece of paper while taping the laser sensor.
  • Use tape that matches the mouse body to perfect the act.

April Fool’s Day Prank for the Office

3) Keyboard Garden

A sudden spring of greenery in the cubicle would leave the victim awestruck. You would need to prepare for this prank from about a fortnight ahead of April 1.


  1. Look around the office for a dead keyboard.
  2. Remove the keys and fill it with mud.
  3. Plant cat grass in it. You would find it at any pet store.
  4. Put the keys on again.
  5. Wrap the keyboard with plastic and expose it to sunlight.

[N.B. If you don’t have access to sunlight, just spray some water on the uncovered keyboard]

  1. The grass grows pretty fast and in about 18 days they gain a height of a few inches and even uproot some keys.
  2. Switch the victim’s keyboard with the planter and just sit back and watch the fun.

Good April Fool’s Prank For the Office

4) April Fool’s Prank for Dental Office

This one is going to leave dental office staff in splits. People who didn’t care to clean their teeth for ages, would sit up and take notice. What with enough supplies to last them a year or so!


  1. Take as many tea cups so as to fill the entire area of a cubicle.
  2. Fill them with mouthwash.
  3. Arrange them on the table, chair, floor and shelves of the work area.

Check out the expression on your co worker’s face when he enters his cubicle. He will remember this prank for years.

April Fools Prank Idea for the Office

5) April Fool’s Prank for Medical Office

Surgical lube is the key ingredient of this prank. Since doctors have ample access to it, you can make the prank work easily.

Just dab the lube over stethoscope ear pieces and catch a colleague unawares for pumping up the fun. Another idea is to put some lube on the telephone receiver. To prevent the trick from going wrong, apply only on the earpiece so that the victim doesn’t get an inkling of the misdeed when he first picks up the phone.

April Fool’s Prank For Medical Office

6) April Fool’s Prank for Restaurant Coworkers


  1. Mix a generous amount of ketchup and some salt in a bowl.
  2. Put in one finger and announce that it is smoking hot.
  3. Ask a co worker to test and as he brings his finger close put his entire hand inside. Ha ha ha! Got it?

7) April Fool’s Office Email Prank


  1. Write an email in a very professional tone to your fellow workers asking them to visit a link where a particular presentation has been uploaded. Mark it as “IMPORTANT”.
  2. Provide the link to a nonsense video instead.

Imagine the expressions on your team mate’s faces when they see the transformation of a serious email to plain rubbish.

Mark your calendars guys! Get into the mischievous mode and gather all the gear for full on enjoyment. With so many tricks up your sleeve, your team mates are in for a ride this April 1.

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