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7 Cool Luau Party Games

Indulge in summertime fun with your friends, family and of course, the kids by throwing a Luau-themed party. While planning for one though you are likely to get busy with the variety of options to dress and decorate, nothing can beat the entertainment infused into the celebrations by some good party games in keeping with the theme. Here are a few easy DIY ideas to get you into the gaming mood. They come cheap and require minimal supplies.

Luau Party Game

Luau Party Game

Indoor Luau Party Games for Adults

Hula Hooping

Luau Party Game for Adults

For this, you may need to train the players the basics of hula hooping. Just a short session by a few who know how to do it will do.

  1. Arrange the players in a large room so that there is ample space between the consecutive ones.
  2. Hand each a hula hoop.
  3. At the start of Hawaiian music, the players begin to hula hoop in their preferred style.
  4. The one who can hoop the longest is crowned the winner.

Lei Making For Couples

Hawaiian Luau Party Game for Adults

Here the guests get to make leis for their spouses. For this, you need to arrange for around 50 flowers per couple. If the real ones are hard to find, opt for artificial silk blooms. You can also give them shells (with holes in them) to be put in between the flowers.

  1. Hand each couple the flowers, shells (optional), a sewing needle and around 60 inches of thread or dental floss.
  2. At the start signal, each person threads the needle and starts stringing the flowers.
  3. Once the threading is done, they can knot it appropriately and put it around the neck of their spouses.
  4. The one who finishes the fastest wins the prize. You can also give out a prize for the most beautiful lei.

For Christmas, you can alter the game a bit by asking them to decorate Christmas trees with the leis. That way, it can be played with kids too.

Hawaiian Pictionary

For hassle-free entertainment at work, you can play this game for a luau inspired office party.

  1. Think about Hawaiian places and tropical things (like drink umbrellas, leis, shells, coconuts, etc.) and write each of them out on small pieces of paper, all of equal
  2. Now fold them so that none of the containing text is visible and mix them in a bag.
  3. Divide the group into 2
  4. Any one from each team volunteers and chooses a folded sheet from the bag.
  5. He alone reads it and tries to explain the same to his fellow team members by his drawings on a white board or
  6. Set a timer so that they don’t take too much time.
  7. Every successful attempt earns points. In the end, the team with the highest score wins. You can play for around 10

Outdoor Luau Party Games for Kids

The games are suitable for senior children aged between 9-16 years.

Speeding Tourist

A funny relay race could have the shutterbugs on their toes throughout the game.

  1. You need to mark a start and end line on a big playground. For the latter, you can have an unlit tiki torch.
  2. At the starting line place 2 piles of matching tourist gear and clothes (like big sunglasses, flip flops, beach hats, Hawaiian Aloha shirts, ) one for each team.
  3. At the start signal, a person from each team puts on all the clothes and gear, races to the end line and returns.
  4. He then removes all the items and the next person wears them to race.
  5. This is repeated for all the players in the team.
  6. The team that completes the race in the least time is the winner.

Sand Toss in the Beach

Luau Birthday Party Game

  1. Demarcate 2 areas of equal size on the beach, dig the sand up with shovels and plant ping pong balls at different depths. The areas should have the same number of balls.
  2. Cover up and level the sand.
  3. Make 2 teams and equip them with sand shovels.
  4. Place a beach pail around 5-10 feet away from each area.
  5. At the start signal, the teams work to dig out all the balls in their area and toss them inside the respective buckets.
  6. The team that has the maximum number of balls in their bucket within the specifies time is the winner.

Summer Luau Limbo

Luau Party Game for Kids

This is a game that can be played by people from almost all age groups, be it adults or tweens. It is a good idea to arrange for this one at a bachelorette, graduation or birthday party. For a sweet 16 party on the beach wearing itsy bitsy swimming costumes is going to add to the excitement, especially when you are back bending a lot.

  1. Set up two long pieces bamboo on the ground.
  2. Mark them at various levels. Line up the party people.
  3. Let two people standing near the bamboo poles hold the Limbo bar at the topmost position as the guests dance their way below it one by one at some foot tapping Hawaiian music.
  4. Once all are done, the Limbo bar is set to lower levels until it reaches the lowermost one and the activity is repeated for each level.
  5. If anyone touches the bar while crossing it or falls to the floor, he is out. The game proceeds with the remaining players.
  6. The one who is left after all others are out is the winner.

Hawaiian Luau Pool Party Game

Pass the Coconut

Hawaiian Luau Pool Party Game

Scoop up the insides of a coconut and when playing with adults, fill up the shell with a drink of your choice almost to the brim. Otherwise just leave the natural coconut water inside or fill up with yummy fruit juice.

  1. Keeping around 3-4 arms of distance between each, arrange the players in a big circle in the water.
  2. One person is handed the coconut that he needs to pass around as soon as Hawaiian music or an ukelele is played.
  3. If any drink spills over or music is stopped when a person has the coconut with him, he is out.
  4. The last person who is not out is the winner and gets to sip the remaining drink!

You can customize this game for the school classroom, preschoolers and toddlers by giving the pool a miss. Ensure that the kiddos are in proper Hawaiian costumes for enjoying the games to the fullest.

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