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8 Fun Drinking Card Games For 2 People

Good drinking card games for two go a long way in helping you relax while indulging in pure fun. Since they are designed for two people, you can choose a partner who is a new friend or a romantic interest. Enjoyable games can break the ice, you see. You would find that most of the games enlisted below are easy, mainly needing a deck of cards and your favorite drink.

Drinking Card Games For 2

Drinking Card Games for Two Players

Find the Match

Drinking Card Game for Two


  1. Shuffle a deck of cards and divide it equally between two players.
  2. Roll a die to display a number.
  3. The players race against each other to find a card in their deck that contains the number.
  4. The person who finds it first is the winner of that round and the other person drinks.

Continue playing for as many rounds as you wish.

Higher or Lower?

2 Player Card Drinking Game


  1. A player deals out a card.
  2. The other one guesses if the next card to be drawn would be higher or lower than the one dealt out.
  3. Another card is dealt out.
  4. If the guess is wrong, the second player drinks. If it is right, the first player needs to drink.
  5. The players take turns in dealing the cards until the entire pile is done with.

Red or Black?

2 Player Drinking Card Game


  1. Shuffle the deck of cards.
  2. The dealer flips a card.
  3. The other player guesses if it is red or black.
  4. If the guess is right, the dealer drinks. If it is wrong, then the guesser drinks.
  5. Take turns at dealing and continue till the entire deck is gone through.

Go Fish

2 Person Card Drinking Game


  1. Both persons start with 5 cards. The remaining cards are arranged in a stack.
  2. A player tries to build a four-of-a-kind stack by asking the other person for a card he needs.
  3. If he has it, he gives it to you. If he doesn’t have that card, he tells you, go fish.
  4. Then you need to draw the top card from the stack of extra cards.
  5. If you get the desired card, you can draw again. If you don’t get it, the other player asks you for the card he needs and similar steps are followed.
  6. Every time a player builds a four-of-a-kind stack, the other one takes a drink.

Continue playing till the stack (mentioned in step 1) is exhausted.


Drinking Card Game for 2 People


  1. Divide the deck of cards equally between the two players.
  2. Both of them reveal the top card of their decks at the same time.
  3. The one with a lower rank of card is the loser and drinks as many times as the rank difference. If both the ranks are the same, no one drinks.
  4. They reveal the next card of their decks and the game progresses.

The Lady of the Game

Two Person Card Drinking Game


  1. Remove 3 queens from a typical deck of cards.
  2. Shuffle the remaining cards and put them in a stack.
  3. The players take turns at drawing cards until one of them picks the queen.
  4. The other player drinks.
  5. You can have as many rounds of the game till you drop.

Cross the Bridge

Two Person Drinking Card Game


  1. Place 10 cards face down in a line. This is the bridge that needs to be crossed.
  2. A player flips the first card.
  3. If it’s a 2-10, he can flip the next card. If it’s a king, queen or jack, he needs to drink and add cards to the line (3 cards for king, 2 for queen and 1 for jack). Then the other person flips the next card which is also done if the first player flips a card that is none of the above options.

The game continues thus and the person who flips the last card of the line is the winner.

Blow Me Away

Two-Player Card Drinking Game


  1. Place a deck of cards on top of a bottle kept at the center of a table.
  2. A player tries to blow off the top card of the deck.
  3. If he succeeds, the other player takes a drink. If several cards are blown off, no one drinks. If the entire deck is blown away, the blower drinks.
  4. Take turns and play for as many rounds you wish.

We are sure that you would have a whale of a time playing these awesome games with your friend or partner. They work especially well in the initial stages of a relationship when you want to know each other. The good games coupled with the beer are sure to leave you in high spirits.

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