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9 Fabulous Bachelor Party Games

The last night to get high on as a bachelor or bachelorette ought to be a crazy one filled with fun, laughter, and madness. So, go for any of the bachelor and bachelorette party games discussed below and play them anywhere, be it your home or a calm beach to make your final hours of freedom memorable.

Bachelor Party Game

Bachelor Party Drinking Games

20 Jeopardy Questions: How Well Do You Know the Groom

Bachelor Party Games for Groom

Things Needed
  • 1 printout of questions concerning the groom such as “When did I first kiss?” or “What’s my middle name?” etc.
  • 2 bottles of wine
  1. Give the printout to the groom and make him stand in the middle of the room, while his friends may sit around him.
  2. He should next ask the questions slowly.
  3. The guy with the maximum correct guesses, receives a prize, while those assuming incorrectly are entitled to take a sip of wine for every wrong answer.

Do Not Say the Word

Bachelor Party Games

This is a classic game to be played during dinner at home since all guests are close by and can be judged well.

Things Needed
  • 1 card containing words such as wedding, love, beer, sex, etc.
  • 3 wine bottles
  1. Say the words written in the card loudly and point out that they must not be used.
  2. Observe well and the moment anyone uses them, urge him to drink a glass of wine.

Scavenger Hunt

Drinking games for Bachelor Party

Things Needed
  • 10 printable cards containing naughty tasks such as “Perform a lap dance” or “Collect 2 condoms” etc. Each must also bear the name of a participant.
  • 1 stopwatch

Before playing this activity for large groups, hide the cards in varied corners of your room.


  1. Assemble all the members and inform them that they need to look for their card as soon as you say, “Go”
  2. As one gets his card, he has to carry out what he has been asked to do.

You may also involve a cute twist by going for the words, “Truth or dare” instead of the commands. Accordingly, on getting a card, a guy has to either do something or give an embarrassing detail as per the wish of the groom. Allow the one who performs best to claim a bottle of champagne at the end.

Non Drinking Bachelorette Party Games

Have You Ever

Bachelor Bachelorette Party Game

Things Needed
  • 10 paper strips
  • 10 pens
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Distribute the paper strips among the participants.
  2. Ask them to write questions for the bride such as, “Have you ever washed his underwear?” or “Have you ever cheated him?” etc.
  3. Take back the strips in a bowl after 20 seconds and make the bride pick one at a time. She has to finish the sentences next. After answering, she may ask the writer to identify herself.
  4. The girl, whose query is the weirdest, wins a gift.

Pop the Balloon Relay Race

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Game

Things Needed
  • 3 balloons
  • 2 strings
  • 2 chairs
  • 1 stopwatch

At the onset, keep the chairs at some distance from the starting point.

  1. Divide those present into 2 teams of 4 members each and tie a balloon to the waists of the ones in front.
  2. Make them stand on 2 different sides.
  3. With your saying “Go”, those with balloons must run to the chairs and bent their bodies a little. Their partners should come close to them and try to pop the balloons by giving a little push.
  4. If these participants cannot pop their balloons, they must run back to give them to their remaining mates, who now have to complete the activity.
  5. Give 4 minutes to each team and declare the team, completing first as the winner.

What’s in the Bag

Clean Bachelor Party Games

Things Needed
  • 1 big bag
  • Items such as lotions, candles, massager, lingerie, etc.
  • 1 bandana
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Make the girls stand in a line and keep the bag in front.
  2. Blindfold one and let her identify any one of the items by putting her hand inside.
  3. Allot her 20 seconds to guess correctly.
  4. Repeat the same pattern with others to find out who all can determine adequately. You may alter the bag with a purse or stocking if you want.

Naughty Co-Ed Bachelor Bachelorette Party Games

Put the Hot Dog in the Bottle

Co‑Ed Bachelor Bachelorette Party Games

Things Needed
  • 3 hot dogs
  • 3 strings
  • 3 bottles
  • 3 bandanas
  • 1 stopwatch

Before the game starts, tie the hot dogs to the strings. Next, fasten them around the waists of the males such that they dangle near their knees. Blindfold them and keep the bottles at some distance.

  1. Select 3 couples and allow them to stand in a horizontal line.
  2. The moment you clap thrice, the ones with hot dogs should run to where the bottles are kept and following the oral instructions of their partners try to put the hotdogs inside them.
  3. The couple able to do so without using hands, within 1 minute, gets a box full of hot dogs.

You may have it outdoors and also replace the hotdogs with bananas if you wish.

Put the Ring on the Bottles

Best Bachelor Party Games

Things Needed
  • 1 large ring
  • 1 basket
  • 15 bottles
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Place the bottles in the basket and put it at some distance.
  2. Select 3 couples and allow the first one to step forward.
  3. The male member has to stand with his back towards the bottles. Next, by hearing the hints given by his partner, he has to ring as many bottles as possible within 20 seconds.
  4. Repeat the game with others to note which couple rings the most.

Dress up with Toilet Paper

Games for Bachelor Party

Things Needed
  • 9 toilet paper rolls
  • 9 paper clips
  • 1 whistle
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Hand out 9 toilet paper rolls and paper clips to 3 couples and ask them to stand in a line.
  2. As you blow the whistle, each of the female partners must start dressing their companions with the toilet paper rolls using the paper clips.
  3. After completing, they must run to the finishing point.
  4. The couple managing to do the entire exercise within the minimum time comes first.

For celebrating an evening of clean fun, all these games are a must. Firstly, these do not need much preparation, and secondly, the props required are not costly too. You may also involve games like “Pin the Tail” or “Movie Song Trivia” etc. if you want variation. Play them to the fullest and enjoy!

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