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4 of the Best Card Games to Play in the Car

A long road trip is initially fun, but it often turns out to be boring, especially for kids, due to lack of activities. But with a deck of cards on hand, you are sure to have a good time all the way till you reach your destination. Go through the tutorials of these four mind-stimulating card games and try them next time to test your intelligence and presence of mind.

Fun Card Games for Car Rides

Be it for your group of friends or family, or for playing alone, the following four card games are easy and exciting.

31 – An Easy Game for All

31- Card Game You Can Play in the Car


To collect three cards having a total value of 31 before anyone else

  • The game starts off with each player getting three cards facing down
  • Keep the rest of the cards together in the middle
  • Look at those three cards and start calculating the value
  • Each player will get a chance to pick up a card from the deck and discard one from his hands
  • Continue the game until one player hands down his cards, achieving the desired value

Old Maid – For 2-8 Players

Old Maid-Card Game to Play in the Car


Finishing the game without having the “old maid” card in hands

  • Decide a card as the “old maid” for a normal deck of cards
  • One should play the role of the dealer
  • Dealer will evenly deal the cards amidst players
  • Players will start sorting their cards based on pairs
  • Dealer will offer a card facing down to the player at his/her left
  • If the player receives a card of which he/she already has a matching part, then the individual will hand down the pair or keep it otherwise
  • The player will offer a card just like the dealer to the next one to his/her left
  • The game will continue unless all pairs are distributed with “Old Maid” remaining

Fish Pond – For 3-4 People

Fish Pond Card Game in the Car


To own maximum cards at the end of the game

  • Dealer will deal the cards in a way that each player receives 5 cards
  • Rest of the cards will be kept in the middle as the “fish pond”
  • Each player will keep his own cards facing towards himself
  • Their aim is to find a matching pair from their stack of cards
  • The game will start from one player who will ask the immediate next one for a card that he/she needs to make a pair with the ones already in hands. No player can ask for a card without having the counterpart of it
  • If the fellow player has the card asked for, he/she would give it. If he/she doesn’t have that particular card then he/she would say “go fish”
  • The one who asks and subsequently receives the desired card would showcase the matched pair by keeping it down and will no longer use that pair. Those matched pairs would no longer be used further. The player would continue to ask for cards unless he/she is told “go fish”
  • On being told “go fish”, a player will be able to take a card from the fish pond and see whether it matches his/her card or not
  • The play will continue even after the fish pond becomes empty
  • The game will end when a player is left with no cards

One-Handed Solitaire – For 1 Person

One-Handed Solitaire Card Game to Play by Yourself in the Car


Using all cards accordingly

  • The player should keep a deck of 52 cards facing it down in hands
  • He/she will pull out four cards from the back of the deck, keeping them on top and making their numbers and suits visible
  • If the first and fourth cards belong to the same suit, he/she separates the rest two cards by keeping them on lap. If the numbers and of the first and fourth cards are same, then the player needs to put aside all four cards
  • This process will continue unless the first and fourth cards do not have any similarities regarding their number and suit. When the player faces such situation, he/she would draw a new card from the deck as usual and keep it beside the fourth card
  • It will continue unless the entire deck is matched and discarded subsequently

Voltaire once said, “Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her: but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game”. So, show your individuality and enjoy the journey at the same time while out for a road trip.

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