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10 Fun Drinking Games without Cards

Adding drinking games is perhaps one of the most exciting ways you can liven up your party and make it more enthralling for the guests. Even if you do not have a deck of cards readily available, you can just as easily incorporate these fun games in a variety of parties, be it a college, house, or office party.

Drinking Games without Cards for Adults

Drinking Games for Two without Cards

Pinky McDrinky

Drinking Games for Two without Cards

Things Needed

  • One pink die
  • Two white dice
  • One shot glass
  • Alcoholic drink


  1. Taking turns, roll the pink die.
  2. You and the other player will then roll a white die simultaneously.
  3. If your die matches the pink die, then the other player has to drink.
  4. If the sum of the two dice is 7, you and the other person will take a drink.
  5. You will perform a rock-paper-scissors if both of you roll the same number on your dice. The loser has to take a drink.
  6. The player that matches the number on pink die re-rolls it in the second turn.


Best Drinking Games without Dice or Cards

Things Needed

  • Quarters
  • 3-4 cups
  • Alcoholic beverage

Unlike the previous drinking game, you will not have to invest in props like dice or cards to play this one.


  1. Place the liquor cups and the quarters on a table.
  2. Take turns trying to bounce a coin off the table and make it land into a cup.
  3. If you can successfully land the quarter in, the other person has to take the drink in that cup.
  4. But if you are not successful in making it land inside the cup, pass the turn.

Drinking Games to Play without Cards for Large Groups

Boat Race

Drinking Games without Cards for Four or More People

Things Needed

  • A table
  • Two teams with two or more players on each team
  • Beer cups
  • A fair amount of beer


  1. After the two teams line up on either side of the table, place a cup filled with beer in front of each member.
  2. At the count of three, the first players of the two teams must drink their beer as quickly as possible.
  3. When someone finishes his beer, he must position the cup on his head upside down.
  4. The next person can start drinking after the previous player has placed his cup on the head.
  5. If a member cannot keep a cup balanced on his head, his team should stop drinking until the cup is again placed on his head.
  6. Any player spilling the beer must stop drinking for about 5-6 seconds.

The team that finishes drinking first is triumphant.

Vodka Roulette with Shots

Drinking Games with Shots without Cards

Things Needed

  • A set of shot glasses
  • Bottle of water
  • Bottle of vodka


  1. Fill all the glasses with water, except for one. Fill that glass with vodka.
  2. Shuffle the glasses and tell all the players to take a shot each while holding their noses so that they do not get the smell.
  3. At this point, the person who drank vodka will lose the game and cannot participate further.

It continues until a single player is left who will be declared the champion.

Beer Pong

College Drinking Games without Cards

Things Needed

  • 16-20 plastic beer cups
  • Ping pong balls
  • A beer pong table
  • Bottles of beer


  1. Separate a group of players into two teams and have them seated at the opposite ends of the table.
  2. Arrange two sets of 8-10 cups on either end of the table so that they form a triangle. Fill the cups with approximately 4 oz of beer.
  3. Each team then takes their turn to toss the ping pong ball and make it land inside the opposing team’s cups.
  4. If the ball falls inside one of the cups, a member of the other team drinks the beer in it.

The team that eliminates all the cups on the opposing side is victorious.

Flip Cup

College Drinking Games without Cards or Balls

Things Needed

  • 16-oz beer cups
  • A table
  • Bottles of beer

A fun game for college students, it does not require any ping pong balls or cards.


  1. Separate a group of players into two teams, with the players standing on the opposite sides of the table and facing one another.
  2. Each member of both the teams is given one cup full of beer.
  3. After a count of three, the first player of both the teams starts drinking their beer.
  4. When they finish, they place the empty cup at the edge of the table, and the person tries to turn the cup over by lifting or flicking the bottom so that it lands face down.
  5. If unsuccessful on the first attempt, reset the cup and re-flip. A player should not blow on the cup or use two hands to flip it over.
  6. Only after the first member is successful, the next person on the team can proceed.

The team that finishes drinking the beer and flipping all the cups first is the winner.

Drunk Jenga

Jenga Drinking Game without Cards

Things Needed

  • A set of Jenga blocks
  • Sharpie pens
  • Alcoholic drink of your choice

Another cool drinking game for college parties, it does not involve any beer cups or cards.


  1. Write different commands on the blocks and set up the Jenga tower.
  2. Pour a few ounces of the alcoholic drink into pint glasses and place them in front of the players.
  3. Taking turns remove a block from the tower without toppling it and doing the command written on it.
  4. If a person knocks down the Jenga tower, he has to drink the beverage from his glass.

Drinking Games without Cards and Any Other Props

Never Have I Ever

Drinking Games to Play without Cards

Things Needed

  • Alcoholic beverage of your choice.


  1. Taking turns, ask the “never have I ever” questions.
  2. In your turn, ask something that you have never done.
  3. If any of the group members have done that before, they take the drink.
  4. However, if nobody has done that, you drink.

Stop the game when people end up drinking a lot, or the questions get embarrassing.

Two Truths and a Lie

Drinking Games without Cards and Props for Adults

Things Needed

  • Alcoholic beverage


  1. Taking turns, players state three facts about themselves at random.
  2. In your turn, make two true statements and one false statement about you.
  3. The others have to guess which one of the facts is a lie.

If they can correctly identify the lie, you drink. But if they are wrong, they will have their drinks.

Fuzzy Duck

Easy Drinking Games for Large Groups without Cards

Things Needed

  • Alcoholic drink


  1. This game requires three or more people to sit in a circle, with the players taking turns to say the phrase “fuzzy duck”.
  2. The next person should say “ducky fuzz”, having only 4-5 seconds to say it.
  3. If he says it right, the next player continues by saying the phrase “fuzzy duck”.
  4. A player can also choose to say “does he?”, which causes the play to proceed in the reverse direction.

If a person says it wrong, breaks the rhythm, or plays out of turn, he has to drink.

While you can surely modify the rules to make these games more interesting, you need to make sure that no unpleasantness takes place. Since the games mentioned above involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages, you should drink responsibly.

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