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6 Fun Engagement Party Games

An amiable gathering of the members of 2 families out to celebrate the engagement of a happy couple often promises loads of fun. But, what if the company comprises of adults of varying ages and types? It might be rather toilsome to break the ice initially. Well, where there’s a will, there’s certainly a way. Mitigate all differences by arranging exciting party games and gear up for a day full of fun and frolic.

Engagement Party Games for Adults

Engagement Party Game Ideas for Small Groups

Answer the Printable Questions

Engagement Party Trivia Game Questions

Things Needed
  • 20 index cards
  • 2 chairs
  • 1 stopwatch

Before starting this ideal trivia game for couples, print out questions like, “What’s your fiancé’s most favorite food or dress” etc. in the index cards and see to it that none of the queries are repeated. Place the chairs in front.

  1. Select 10 couples and hand over the cards to each.
  2. Give them 5 minutes to write the answers.
  3. After taking the cards back, select a couple and make them sit on the chairs.
  4. Firstly, ask the male participant questions about his would-be bride and note down how many are correct.
  5. After asking the bride a similar set of questions, choose another couple for the session.
  6. Declare the couple that gives the maximum right answers as the ideal pair.

Pro tip: Play it with newlyweds to infuse some naughtiness in their nascent relation!

The Shoe Game

Games for Engagement Party

Things Needed
  • 1 shoe of both the would-be bride and groom
  • 1 stopwatch
  • 2 chairs

Make a list of funny questions such as, “Who is the better cook?” or “Who has bigger feet?” prior to playing the game.

  1. Make a couple sit back to back in the middle of the room. Ascertain that each has one shoe of his partner.
  2. According to the list, ask the questions. If for a particular question, the answer is “groom”, both need to hold up the shoes owned by the male partner.
  3. Tally how many questions they have answered correctly at the end watch how funny the occasion becomes.

Make Words Fast

Engagement Party Game

Things Needed
  • 10 sheets of paper
  • 10 pens
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Hand over the sheets and pens to your guests.
  2. Tell them that using the first names of the bride and groom to be, they need to write down as many words as they can with 3 letters within 2 minutes.
  3. For instance, if the bride’s and groom’s first names are Sophia and Tom, they have to write words like, “sat, sit, set” etc.
  4. The member, coming up with the most extended list, gets a prize.

Name the Famous Couple

Games for an Engagement Party

Things Needed
  • 5 paper strips
  • 5 pens
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Make 5 teams of 2 participants each and distribute the strips and pens.
  2. They need to write down the names of 5 famous couples within 2 minutes.
  3. Take the strips and mix them in the bowl.
  4. Now, ask a member of the first team to come up and pick a piece. He next has to give hints to his partner so that she can identify the renowned couple.
  5. If she cannot guess, the chance passes on to the next teams, and they get an extra point.
  6. Repeat the procedure with the other teams and declare the one with the maximum points as the winner.

Games to Play at Engagement Parties for Large Groups

Race down the Aisle

Engagement Party Games for Large Groups

Things Needed
  • 10 wedding garters
  • 1 stopwatch

The perfect place to play this game is your lawn, since having it inside may make the room messy. You may either construct a small aisle or simply have a wooden pole at the end to serve as one.

  1. Make 10 couples stand in a horizontal line and bind two legs (one of the male member and another of the female) of all of them with the wedding garters.
  2. With your saying “go”, they should run up to the aisle.
  3. The pair that reaches first grabs the prize.

Dress up Game

Games at Engagement Party

Things Needed
  • 5 wedding gowns
  • 5 veils
  • 5 suits and ties
  • 5 vests
  • 5 baskets
  • 1 stopwatch

Before the activity ensues, put one of each of the items inside every basket and keep them at the terminal point of the race.

  1. Allow 5 couples to stand in a horizontal line.
  2. As soon as you say “start”, they must run to where their baskets are kept, dress up accordingly, and come back.
  3. The pair, completing the entire task fast is obviously victorious, and you may enliven up their moment of triumph by handing them a bottle of champagne.

Playing jovial games at engagement parties serve as happy preludes towards the blessed union of 2 distinct families. Make the event memorable by maintaining a cheerful spirit throughout. And, if you intend to loosen up a bit, you may gladly infuse some thrilling twists and turns. For instance, let couples drink to their heart’s content after a game or allow them to kiss each other. After all, the more a game is funny, the higher is the enjoyment!

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