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6 Best First Day of Class Ice-Breakers

For every teacher, her class represents a cherished domain where she can exercise her potentials in the best possible way. Interestingly, the very foundation of a crucial and enduring bond is perhaps laid on the first day itself, when she approaches a new bunch of inquisitive guessers. It becomes imperative, therefore, to initiate activities that efficiently help in thawing out the unease, both between herself and her students, as well as amidst one pupil and another. Guess what’s the sought after quick fix? Why, ice-breakers of course. So, take a quick look at these ice-breaker games to make the first day of any subject class, be it English, geography or music interactive and enlivening.

First Day of Class Icebreakers

Quick Icebreaker Games for Elementary School Students to Minimise Learning Difficulties

Say the Name

Class Icebreaker Games Say the Name

Things Needed
  • A ball
  1. Make the children stand in the form of a circle.
  2. Let a child throw the ball to another. The one who receives it should say his name, along with that of the kid who has passed the ball.
  3. He then must pass the ball to the next one, who needs to say his name, besides repeating the names of his other two companions.
  4. Continue the pattern till the last kid receives the ball and wind up by saying aloud the names of all your little pupils.

This game, besides improving motor skills of students, also gives you ample opportunities to remember all your pupils by their names.

Ice Breaker Bingo

First Day of School Icebreakers Ice Breaker Bingo

Things Needed
  • Bingo sheets for all students

The sheets should have 5 columns both vertically and horizontally, and within each box, there should be statements like, “Likes cats or dogs” or “Doesn’t like bananas”. Different sheets may have separate comments.

  1. Distribute the sheets to every student and allow them to go through minutely.
  2. Explain that they need to get the answer of what’s written on their sheets from their partners. So they have to ask questions in turns and write “yes” or “no” for the statements.
  3. Give them 5 minutes to complete the activity.
  4. Now, each student has to stand up and read out the preferences of his partner. If he has written something wrong, his pal can correct him.

This activity, meant for a large class, can efficiently aid in lessening speech problems by engaging them in a healthy discussion of their habits.

Easy Icebreaker Games for Middle School Students to Enhance Communication Skills

Ask a Question

Class Icebreakers Ask a Question

  1. Divide the students of your class into pairs of two.
  2. Tell them that they have to ask questions related to hobbies, likes and dislikes such as, “Do you love mangoes or bananas?” or “Do you like playing or going out?”
  3. Make a pair stand up and face each other. Now one from the pair has to ask a similar question, while the other has to answer and vice versa.
  4. Carry out the activity with every pair.
  5. Complete it by deciding upon the pair that has asked the most unexpected question.

As different pairs stand up for questioning, the students get to know each other’s preferences, thereby dissipating all traces of initial unfamiliarity.

Learning Names

Class Icebreaker Activities Learning Names

Things Needed
  • Strips of paper for each student
  1. Distribute the pieces in your class and ask them to write down three things about themselves.
  2. After everyone has finished, take all strips away.
  3. Mix them up in a bowl and call one student to pick up a piece.
  4. Tell him to guess the name of the child, who has written on the strip. If he cannot identify, make the right person stand up and reveal himself.

In many cases, the interests are bound to match. Seize the opportunity to point out the ones who have similar habits, so as to encourage them to mix with each other.

Great Icebreaker Games for High School Students to Initiate Conversation

Spot the Difference

Icebreakers for Class Spot the Difference

  1. Pair up all students and give them 30 seconds to memorize the appearances of their partners.
  2. Make each turn away, and within 1 minute, each should change something, for instance, take off an earring, etc.
  3. Now, ask each to mark the difference.
  4. Note the time taken by each pair to declare the changes and accordingly announce the pair that has taken the least time in spotting the differences.

Unveil the Story Behind Your Scars

First Class Icebreakers Unveil the Story Behind Your Scars

  1. Ask your students to mark any scar they have on their bodies.
  2. Trigger them to reveal the incident behind getting it. The anecdote may be real or fictitious.
  3. Identify the most outrageous one after everyone finishes, for having a befitting closure that serves in keeping up everyone’s spirit.

Most students, on their first day of class, come brimming with myriad feelings – they are nervous, confused as well as eager and curious.  An efficient teacher, however, can fittingly address such reigning emotions by judiciously using ice-breaker games. Hence, ice-breaker activities are invaluable for enjoying unlimited moments of happy mixing.

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