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Graduation Decoration Themes and Ideas

Graduation marks the end of our student life and the beginning of the uncharted waters of professional, adult life. This turning point in our lives should definitely be celebrated with the impeccable style and grandeur that it deserves. Read on to find some amazing graduation party ideas for that perfect send off.

Graduation Decorations

1. Decoration Ideas for the hall

For an indoor graduation party, first decide the seating arrangements, where to place the snacks table, bar, souvenir stand, and finally zero in on the color scheme to follow for the party theme – like black, golden and white or blue, white and silver. A little peppy pop music to get the kids grooving with the anticipation of bright future is a must.

Setting the Table for the party

There is a huge variety of table decorations for graduation to choose from. From napkins tied like scrolls to bottles with caps in the shape of graduation hats and even plates with outlandish graduation quotes, you’ll find it all.

Graduation Table Decoration Ideas

Balloon Decorations

Balloons can really enhance the charm of the entire setting when used right. They can be used not only for the hall or stage decorations but also as centerpieces for the tables. Decide on a particular theme, grab your supplies and use the balloons accordingly.

High School Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

Graduation Balloon Decorations

Homemade Graduation Decorations

Decorations for an Outdoor Graduation Party

Backyards can make for a brilliant and enchanting party venue. You can make your own LED lanterns or go for pretty fairy lights to decorate the backyard.

Backyard Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

Another brilliant idea is to go for a neon-themed graduation night party with glow in the dark mason jars along with neon table chair settings, neon glasses and plates, neon wrists bands and so on.

If you are going to host the party during the day, there is a lot that you can do without even having to bear the cost of lighting. Use a large sunny space and decorate with graduation themed balloons and banners, placing the snacks table and bar under a shack.

Graduation Party Theme Idea

2. Decorations along with party Activities

Set up a Memory Wall

The idea is to get the students to jot down their fondest memories in school over the years and attach it to the wall.

DIY Graduation Decorations

For the memory wall, get a large cardboard screen, cover it with a layer of styrofoam, followed by large sheets of chart paper so the whole arrangement can cover one side of the wall. Place a table in front of it with Post-its, markers, pens and pins. Your friends can write their memories or any comments on the Post-its or paper chits and attach it to the wall.

Have a Photo Booth

Have a simple photo booth, with two seats and some graduation props inside the booth. If your budget allows, hire a professional photographer to stay inside the booth. If not, you can get one of the juniors to take charge.

Graduation Decorating Ideas

Souvenir Stand

Make a souvenir stand and stack them with stuff like mugs with the batch and school name printed on them. One cool idea would be to have mason jars filled with chocolates and customized with graduation cap lids.

DIY Graduation Party Souvenirs

Here are some more ideas for useful and cute gifts for your newly-graduate friends.

3. Time for Some Refreshments

Arrange an Open Bar (if you are allowed)

Who doesn’t like getting a little tipsy on such an amazing night?  If you really want to get the party going, rent a large top open cooler and stack all sorts of refreshments like soda, juices, and even wine, beer, and hard liquors along with paper cups and plenty of ice and water.

Graduation Party Decorations

Now for the Snacks Table

No grad party is complete without a good spread of graduation-themed finger foods to curb those post-dance hunger pangs.

Appetizer Ideas

Collect your guests around the snack table with attractive graduation cake pops. No one would be able to resist these!

Graduation Party Appetizer Decoration Ideas

For those not so fond of sweet treats, you may have these mouth-watering diploma fajitas.

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Make the snacks table all the more irresistible with these graduation style chocolate cupcakes with fondant graduation caps on top.

Graduation Party Cupcake Decoration

These are some foolproof ingredients to a stupendously memorable graduation night. So send the fledgling grads off to embark on a brand new adventure with a night that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

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