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6 Easy Halloween Party Games for Adults

Organizing Halloween games for adults need not necessarily mean putting a lot of undue pressure on your purse. Be it for your friends or staff at work, what makes a Halloween party thrilling is your creativity and manner of execution. So, unfurl your wings of imagination by the aid of these fun games and have a spooky evening such that keeps your guests hooked throughout.

Halloween Games for Adults

Great Halloween Party Drinking Games for Adults at Work

Don’t Say It

Halloween Party Drinking Game for Adults

Things Needed
  • 1 card containing words such as Halloween, fear, night, etc.
  • Bottles of wine

Play this game during office dinners when all are seated close by and can be judged easily.

  1. As the members take their seats, take the card and declare that they must never use the words written therein during the entire evening.
  2. The moment one does so, he has to drink a glass brimming with wine.
  3. The candidate who does not use any of the mentioned words till the end is triumphant.

Scary Movie Trivia

Halloween Drinking Games for Adults

Things Needed
  • 10 cards
  • 2 bottles of wine and 3 of juice
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 table

Before the game begins, write down simple movie trivia questions in each card such as, “Name the novel, on which the movie, The Exorcist is based” etc. and keep them in the bowl on the table.

  1. Let your guests assemble and ask them to pick a card in turns.
  2. Ask one to read out his question, failing which he has to take a shot of an unknown drink, as per the wish of the host.
  3. The ones able to answer correctly get to relish a beverage of their preference.

Shot in the Dark

Adult Halloween Drinking Games

Things Needed
  • 10 beverage bottles
  • 1 table
  • An audio recording containing screams or screeches

You may set the audio in your mobile’s saved contents and keep it hidden somewhere. Place the bottles on the table at one corner of your room.

  1. As your members get together, tell them that a howl or screech would be heard at certain intervals, during which the lights would go off.
  2. Play accordingly and after each round, pick out the ones that are without bottles.
  3. The member, able to successfully grab a bottle at the end of round 10 receives a bottle of champagne.

Nondrinking Halloween Game Ideas for Young Adults (Up to 25 Years)

Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Games for Young Adults

Things Needed
  • 10/15 small scorecards
  • 10 pens

Before the very day, you must inform your guests to come wearing Halloween costumes. As for the scorecards, make 6 or 7 columns in each, with different headings such as “Scariest Costume”, “Most Creative Costume” etc.

  1. Once your guests arrive, distribute the scoreboards so that they may use the entire evening to select whose costume they like the most by the categories.
  2. Collect all the cards at the end and give interesting prizes to the winners.

Who Carves the Best Pumpkin

Games for Adult Halloween Party

Things Needed
  • 5 small sized pumpkins
  • 5 carving knives
  • 1table
  • 2 bowls
  • 1 bandana
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Have 5 pairs and blindfold one participant from each. Allow them to stand near their respective pumpkins.
  2. The moment you say, “Go” the blindfolded candidate must start carving the pumpkin according to the oral instructions of his partner.
  3. The couple that comes up with the best carvings gets a prize.

Scavenger Hunt

Easy Halloween Games for Adults

Things Needed
  • Halloween props like plastic spiders, miniature lanterns, tinsel pumpkins, mini cauldrons
  • 1 stopwatch

Before the activity, hide the items inside the room.

  1. Make all participants stand together and switch off the light.
  2. As soon as you say, “Start”, they must start looking for the items.
  3. After 2 minutes, ask them to stop and declare the member with the maximum number of objects as the champ.

You may also involve twists to make your games more entertaining. Get the most out of Halloween but do so keeping in mind certain limits. Let not any unpleasantness occur while reveling in both fun and fear.

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