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6 Best Halloween Party Games for Kids

A Halloween party for kids essentially opens up a huge vista for moms to don their creative hats and brew something magical, mysterious and thrilling. And, what better tool than great games to let loose one’s flight of fancy? Flip through the kid-friendly games given below to make the coming Halloween frightful as well as fun-filled.

Halloween Party Game for Kids

Easy Halloween Indoor Party Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers

1. Monster Freeze Dance

Halloween Games for Kid’s Parties Indoor

Things Needed

  • 1 sound system


  1. Allow 5 toddlers to stand in a horizontal line.
  2. Play any music so that they start dancing.
  3. As soon as the music stops, they should freeze in whatever position they are.
  4. The kid not able to do so is out. Repeat the same pattern with the rest to finally select the one that can freeze till the last.

Traditional Halloween Indoor Party Games for Little Kids in 1st or 2nd Grade

1. What’s Inside the Mystery Box

Halloween Party Games for Little Kids

Things Needed

  • 1 stopwatch
  • 1 cardboard box
  • Things like baby carrots, grapes, rotten potatoes etc.
  • 1 table

Before the game starts, you need to make your box spooky by putting inside items like peeled grapes, baby carrots, water, fish bones – anything that’s scary to touch.


  1. Make 10 children stand in a horizontal line and allow one to come forward near the table, where the box is kept.
  2. With your saying “start” he should put his hand inside the bin and whisper to you the names of the components. The time allotted is 1 minute.
  3. The rest should do the same in turns.
  4. Gift the one with the maximum correct guesses a big box of chocolates for his hard effort!

2. Bob the Apples

Halloween Kids Games

Things Needed

  • 1 large bucket filled with water
  • 20 apples
  • 1 small table
  • 1 stopwatch

Put the apples in the bucket and keep it on the table.


  1. Let 10 kids stand one behind the other.
  2. One should come forward and with your clapping thrice, try to pick up as many apples as he can with only his teeth. The time limit is 1 minute.
  3. The rest of the kids should follow the same pattern.
  4. The child, successful in collecting the highest quantity of apples is triumphant.

Cool Halloween Outdoor Party Game for Older Kids (9 or 10-Year-Olds)

 1. Pumpkin Hunting

Halloween Games for Older Kids

Things Needed

  • 10 mini pumpkins
  • 5 bandanas
  • 1 stopwatch

Hide the pumpkins anywhere in your garden prior to the game.


  1. Select 5 children and blindfold them with the bandanas.
  2. The moment you say “go”, they should start looking for the pumpkins. Give them 5 minutes to search.
  3. Declare the kid who manages to find the greatest number of pumpkins as the champ.

2. Halloween Obstacle Course

Halloween games for Kids Outside

Things Needed

  • 1 big cardboard box
  • 1 broomstick
  • 1 kiddie pool
  • 10 white balloons

Put the broomstick at the starting point of the race so that the kids may use it as a tool aiding their race. Next, open the front and back portions of the cardboard box and place it at some distance to make it resemble a tunnel. Next, fill the kiddie pool with cooked spaghetti and lastly scatter the white balloons at random.


  1. Allow 6 children to stand in a straight line.
  2. Roar “go” to make the one standing first start the race. Note the time taken by him after he finishes.
  3. The rest should do the same.
  4. The one taking the least time to triumph over all the obstacles is the winner.

Great Minute to Win it Halloween Party Game for Girls

1. Donut Eating Contest

Halloween Minute to win it Game for Kids

Things Needed

  • 1 long string
  • 7 donuts
  • 1 stopwatch
  • 1 whistle

At the onset, string the donuts on a horizontal line, within easy reach of the girls


  1. Let 7 girls stand under the string.
  2. With your blowing the whistle, they should start eating the donuts. Give them precisely 1 minute to finish.
  3. The girl, who manages to eat it without dropping receives a basket of donuts!

One of the best features of these simple games constitutes the easy availability of the props. In fact, you may use everyday discarded household items rather than costly ones for decorations. Keep up the spirit of the evening by arranging any of these games anywhere, be it at home or classroom for, Halloween is not just about fright, it no doubt defines festivity too.

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