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6 Best Icebreaker Games and Activities for Work

Icebreaker games, ingeniously dissolving any unfamiliarity amidst staff members, brilliantly aid in breaking the monotony of drab office meetings. So, organize any of the games listed below at a social get-together at office, and see how animated and lively the habitual work scenario becomes.

Ice Breaker Games for Work

Fun Icebreaker Activities for Work Groups

Guess Me: A Puzzle Game for Small Groups

Icebreaker Games for Work

Things you’ll need
  • Small pieces of paper, 1 for each player
  • A large bowl
Steps to Play
  1. Distribute small pieces of paper to a group of say seven members.
  2. Ask everyone to write down in three lines, any three traits that describe them.
  3. Collect all the papers in the bowl.
  4. Now, as you pick up one and read loudly, the rest has to guess in turns, the person who has written it.
  5. The player with the most right guesses is the winner.

Reorder First: A Simple Game for Team Building

Ice Breakers Game

Things you’ll need
  • A bowl
  • Two pieces of paper, one for each group with instructions such as “Stand according to your heights: from shortest to tallest” or vice versa.
Steps to Play
  1. Make two groups of five members each.
  2. One team member from each group has to pick up a slip
  3. According to the instruction given, the group has to arrange itself.
  4. The team that successfully does so in the shortest possible time is the winner.

Keep the Balloons Up: A Funny Game for Large Groups

Work Icebreaker Games

Things you’ll need
  • Balloons of four or five different colors
  • Stopwatch
  • Bunches of paper for fanning
Steps to Play
  1. Make teams of 6 members each and select separate zones for them.
  2. Give each team equal number of balloons and some papers.
  3. As you say “start” three members should start inflating the balloons, while the rest three must make sure that they move up.
  4. As the balloons ascend, participants should ensure that they remain up as long as possible, by fanning them with paper. They must not touch the balloons.
  5. The team that succeeds in keeping maximum of its balloons up for the longest time wins.

Guess the Song: A Good Question-Answer Game for Older Members

Ice Breaker Games for Adults at Work

Thing’s you’ll need
  • A list of 10 to 15 popular songs of bygone days
  • A mobile with a good sound system
Steps to Play
  1. Make two teams of equal members.
  2. Play a song from its middle portion and ask questions like, who sang it or from which movie etc.
  3. Any member of the two groups can furnish the answer.
  4. Repeat the activity with other songs. The team that gives the maximum correct answers wins.

Name Game: A Quick and Easy Activity to Enhance Communication

Easy Ice Breaker Games

Steps to Play
  1. Make everyone sit in the form of a circle.
  2. Each person should announce his name by adding an adjective to it, for instance, Simple Sam.
  3. The next person primarily declares the name and adjective of the first person and then adds his own name along with an adjective.
  4. Let them continue the process with the last one, having to announce all the names, and also put in his own.

Meet and Greet with Candy Bars: An Interactive Game for Meetings

Ice Breaker Games at Work

Things you’ll need
  • Candy bars of different varieties
  • Stickers bearing the varied names of the candy bars
Steps to Play

For this game, you need to arrange the tables and chairs of your meeting room such that around each table, there are at least six chairs. Thus, if there are 30 members, there should be five rows.

  1. Put a placard with a candy bar’s name on each table.
  2. As the members start coming, you should hand each, different bars so that they sit with people who have got similar candy bars.
  3. Ask them to interact with each other for 10 minutes.
  4. A member of each team should then describe its group in about eight lines.
  5. The team that describes itself in the best manner gets a bowl full of candy bars.

Hence, taking help of any of these activities, make a creative rent into your formidable office atmosphere to allow some healthy gossip, some merriment to thrive.

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