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6 Easy Mickey Mouse Party Games

Party games, having Mickey Mouse as an underlying theme, invariably promise the best entertainment for both kids and adults. Firstly, there’s no dearth of innovative ideas, and secondly, the fun quotient is always maximum. Also, for eager parents, there’s no better way to make an evening exciting than by organizing Mickey Mouse games. Be it a birthday, a beach or a slumber party, it’s a hit always.

Mickey Mouse Party Game Ideas for Toddlers to Two or Three-Year-Olds

Pin the Tail on the Mouse

Mickey Mouse Party Games

Things Needed
  • A large poster of Mickey Mouse with its tail traced
  • 10 long pieces of black ribbons to be used as its tail
  • 1 bandana

Prior to this fun party game, write the names of the children on the back of the tails and attach a piece of double stick tape on each.

  1. Allow the kids to stand in a line.
  2. Blindfold one with the bandana and let him place the tail at the correct spot on the poster.
  3. The one who can place the tail closest to the traced part on the poster wins.

Find Hidden Members of the Mickey Mouse Club Gang

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party Games

Things Needed
  • Printable pictures of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc.
  • Printable numbers from 1 to 10
  • Small gift items

Before this surprise party game begins, stick the numbers on the pictures as well as on the gifts in such a way that the numbers on the pictures should correspond with those of the gifts.

  1. Hide all the pictures anywhere in the room.
  2. Allow the children to look for them within a given time.
  3. The child who can collect maximum pictures dons the winning cap.

Mickey Mouse Theme Party Game Ideas for Kids Of 4 to 7 Years

Find Pluto’s Bone

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Games

Things Needed
  • 10 small dog bone toys (You may also make small dog bones by cutting poster boards)
  • 1 kiddie pool filled with crinkle paper
  1. Bury all the bones inside the pool.
  2. Let one child come up and search for bones within a particular time.
  3. After marking the time taken by him, let other kids follow the same pattern.
  4. The child with the maximum number of bones is triumphant.

Organize these games in birthday or carnival parties and see how they become entertaining.

Build a Mickey Mouse Head

Mickey Mouse Games for Birthday Party

Things Needed
  • 6 inflated balloons
  • 6 sticker sheets
  • 6 pairs of cut out ears
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Let each child have a balloon, a sticker sheet and a pair of cut out ears.
  2. As you say “start”, each should start sticking the ears and other things on the balloon to make it look like Mickey.
  3. Select the child whose balloon looks the most like Mickey, as the winner.

Party Game Ideas for Adults

Chip and Dale Acorn Relay Running

Mickey Mouse Party Games for Toddlers

Things Needed
  • 5 plastic spoons
  • 5 bowls full of acorns
  • 5 empty jars
  1. Divide the youngsters of your slumber party into pairs of two and give each an empty jar along with a spoon.
  2. Now, make one stand near the starting point with the empty bowl and another at some distance. Keep the bowl full of acorns with the second participant.
  3. As you say start, the one with the spoon should run over to his partner who should pick up an acorn from the bowl with her mouth and transfer it to her companion’s spoon.
  4. This companion then should run back to where the empty jar is kept to drop the acorn.
  5. Give them 5 minutes to fill up their jars. Declare the pair that can collect the most acorns as the winner.

Mickey and Minnie Bow Passing

Mickey and Minnie Party Game Bow Passing

Things Needed
  • 1 paper made bow
  • 1 sound system
  1. Let all youngsters sit in a circle.
  2. They should start passing the bow as soon as the music starts.
  3. Stop the music to find out who has the bow.
  4. Let the person do a crazy thing. He may spin round in a circle 5 times or dance etc.

Apart from these, you may also involve fun activities like layout printable coloring sheets of Mickey Mouse on any table and let children paint during indoor parties. You may also provide cute costumes of different Disney characters and ask them to dress up for parties such as Halloween etc.  Watch out how the kids become enthusiastic by these simple learning tools.

Mickey Mouse is the quintessential Disney cartoon character, who with his mischievous grin and charming ways always ushers a smile even in the most dispirited heart. Naturally, games revolving around him are bound to receive maximum appreciation. While organizing any of these, indulge in full spirit and revive your childhood days that are unquestionably the best and unforgettable.

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