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5 Minnie Mouse Party Games

Minnie Mouse, the adorable sweetheart of Mickey, constitutes an endearing theme to be utilized to play a host of games in a wide variety of parties, be it a birthday or baby shower. The props required for these games are easily available and can be organized pretty soon too. So, go ahead, skim through the article to settle upon your preferable Minnie Mouse game to make your party exciting and engaging.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Games for Toddlers

Minnie Mouse Bow Tique Game

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Games

Things Needed
  • 5 Minnie Mouse bows
  • 5 bandanas
  • 1 big poster of Minnie Mouse
  1. Make 5 toddlers stand in a line and distribute the bows among them.
  2. Show them the poster and tell them that they have to pin their individual bows near Minnie Mouse’s head.
  3. Allow one to come forward, cover his eyes with a bandana and let him complete the activity. Follow the same pattern with the other kids.
  4. The one, whose bow is closest to Minnie Mouse’s head grabs a prize.

Minnie Mouse Matching Game

Minnie Mouse Games for Birthday Party

Things Needed
  • 10 paired images of Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck etc. (There should two similar pictures of each of the figures)
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Assemble all the kids and show them one picture each of the pairs.
  2. Mix up all the images and take a kid before them.
  3. Give him 5 minutes to match as many pictures as he can and let others try once he finishes.
  4. Declare the kid with the maximum correct matches as the champ.

Minnie Mouse Coloring Game

Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Party Games

Things Needed
  • 5 downloaded coloring sheets containing sketches of Minnie Mouse
  • 5 sets of color pencils
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Distribute all the items among 5 kids and allow them to paint.
  2. After half an hour, take back the papers to decide whose coloring is the best.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Games

Dress up Game

Games for Minnie Mouse Party

Things Needed
  • 5 long frocks having pictures of Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck
  • 5 bows
  • 5 jackets
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Select 5 pairs of couples and allow them to stand in a horizontal line. Keep the clothes at some distance.
  2. As soon as you say “Start” the male members must pick up their partners on their backs and rush to where the dresses are kept.
  3. On reaching, the female participants must put on the frocks and bows, while their companions are required to  wear the jackets.
  4. The couple taking the least time to complete is triumphant.

Minnie Mouse Bingo Card Game

Minnie Mouse Party Game Ideas

Things Needed
  • 10 Downloaded printouts of the Bingo card game
  1. Distribute the sheets to 10 of your guests.
  2. Ask them to fill up the columns with the name of the gifts they think the parents would get.
  3. As you open the gifts, they must mark the number of items they have guessed correctly.
  4. The guest with 5 correct guesses in a row is the winner.

You may involve your own twists to make these games interactive and engaging. In fact, the ones for kids are educational too; they help in improving the thinking skills of children.

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