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6 Best Superhero Party Games

A party with its underlying theme based on different superheroes is undeniably an all-time hit amidst both kids and adults. The fictional characters, demonstrating a host of enviable traits are admirable options for loads of exciting games that may be played at random both inside as well as outside. So, if you aim to make your party hot and happening, just ensure to involve any of these without delay.

Cool Superhero Game Ideas for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Those till 3 Years

Save the Good Ones: A Dinner Party Game

Superhero Party Games for Kids

Things Needed
  • 10 blown balloons with 5 having unhappy and 5 happy faces
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Make 6 children stand together.
  2. With your saying “go”, they should start popping the balloons with villain’s faces and simultaneously gather the smiling ones.
  3. The child with the largest number of happy balloons is the winner.

Identify Without Seeing: An Indoor Party Game

Superhero Party Games Kids

Things Needed
  • Varied objects like balls, pens, dolls, pencil, rubber, chalk, etc.
  • 1 big box
  • 1 bandana

Before the game begins, put all the items into the box.

  1. Allow the little ones to stand in the form of a circle. Keep the box on a stool in the center.
  2. Blindfold one child with the bandana and let him go near the box. Without seeing, he has to identify as many substances as he can by gently touching.
  3. Repeat the same procedure with the other kids.
  4. The child, who can detect the most number of objects, is the ultimate winner.

Superhero Themed Party Games for Kids From 4 to 7 Years

Move Towards Your Princess or Superhero: A Birthday Party Game

Superhero Birthday Party Games

Things Needed
  • Printable pictures of 4 separate superheroes such as Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Iron Man etc
  • 1 sound system

Prior to the match, download the theme music for each superhero and hang the images at 4 distinct corners of the room.

  1. Play any music and let the children dance.
  2. After 5 minutes, stop the music and play instead of any superhero theme music.
  3. All the players should run to the corner where the particular superhero’s portrait hangs.
  4. The kid, who is last to reach is out.
  5. Continue playing the game till only one child remains and declare him as the undisputable champ.

Change Dress in Phone Booth: A Costume Party Game

Superhero Party Games for 7 Year Olds

Things Needed
  • 2 phone booths made out of refrigerator boxes
  • Costume items such as 1 jacket, 1 tie, a pair of glasses, a superhero cape, mask, and t-shirt
  • 1 stopwatch

Before the commencement of this activity, place the 2 booths in 2 corners of the room. Now, keep the superhero things inside the booth, while the other items  at the starting point of the game.


Divide the children into 2 teams of 3 members each and let them stand in a line.

As you clap, one participant from the group, say “A” should put the ordinary items, run to the first booth and wear the superhero things.

Next, he should go up to the second one, remove all the superhero items and return to the second member to hand him over the remaining materials. The second one has to repeat the same thing.

After marking the time taken by the first team, allow the ensuing team to follow the same pattern.

Select the group that takes the minimum time as the winner.

Superhero Party Games for Adults

Obstacle Race: A Training Party Game

Superhero Party Games For Adults

Things Needed
  • Different commodities for obstacles like a chair, garbage can, pillows, ropes, etc.
  • 1 stopwatch

At the onset, place the materials in such a way that they pose a challenge to your superhero participants. For instance, you may hang the rope at some height so that a player needs to jump over or create a tunnel with the pillows.

  1. Divide those present into 2 teams of 5 persons each.
  2. With your blowing a whistle, one from each group must run to where the things are and overcome all of them to finish the race.
  3. As one finishes, another youngster must begin.
  4. Note the time after each group finishes. The one that takes the least time to complete the entire race is triumphant.

Pop the Balloons: An Outdoor Pool Party Game

Superhero Games for Parties

Things Needed
  • 20 inflated balloons
  1. Float all the balloons on the water of your pool and let all young members assemble near it.
  2. As soon as you say “start”, everyone should jump inside and try collecting as many balloons as they can. At the same time, they must also try to deflate the other balloons gathered by the other members.
  3. The person who has the highest number of balloons is the victor.

Superheroes cast an inescapable charm to young and old alike. Aided with superpowers and steadfastly dedicated to salvage the world of all evils, they serve as wish-fulfilment, scarcely attainable in real life. Naturally, parties with superhero themes are always in demand. Have one for unlimited bliss.

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