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5 Electrifying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Games

Are you planning to make the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) the theme for your son’s upcoming birthday? Kiddos are going to love the idea and your party is sure to be a hit. Here is a collection of games that you can play with them to keep the spirits up and soaring throughout the event. They are suitable for 4-5-year-olds and up to ages 12-15. Only the first game can involve toddlers.

1) Land the ‘Pizza’ In the Box

Ninja Turtle Party Game

Ninja Turtle Party Game

Choose a big room or a hall for playing this. You will need 5-7 empty pizza boxes and that many Frisbees. Make it interesting by covering their tops with colored paper circles having big red dots all over to replicate TMNT’s fave pepperoni pizzas! Set the kids into the mood of turtle action by cutting fleece strips 3-4 inches wide, cutting eye holes in them and tying the masks around their eyes.

  1. Place the boxes on the floor in a straight line with their lids open at equal intervals.
  2. Each kid in his turn gets to throw the Frisbees into the boxes from a distance of about 2 meters.
  3. The one with the maximum shots on target is the winner.

2) Pin the Pepperoni to the Pizza

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Game

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Game

Preparation for the Game
  1. Cut out a circle out of cardboard having almost the diameter of a large pizza.
  2. Tape it to the door at a height all the children can reach easily.
  3. Glue a smaller white paper circle on the above one. Give this a neat red border. Your pizza is complete.
  4. Mark the center of the inner circle with a prominent black dot.
How to Play
  1. Give each child a small red paper circle (represents pepperoni) the size of a coin and a pin.
  2. Blindfold them and ask them to try pinning the pepperoni to the center of the pizza.
  3. The one whose red circle covers the black dot or least comes closest to the perfect spot is the winner.

3) Sensei Tag and Freeze

Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Game

Ninja Turtle Birthday Party Game

Mark or designate an area in which the children can play. They are not allowed to go out of this area, or they are disqualified. In this game, the birthday child (or any child) is the sensei while all the others are the students.

  1. On starting the game, the sensei tries to tag all the students.
  2. If a kid is tagged, he must freeze in a karate stance.
  3. He can only be unfrozen by a soft (emphasize “soft”) karate chop on his shoulder by any other student. However, there is no compulsion to unfreeze anyone.
  4. The game continues till the sensei freezes all the students.
  5. The last child to be frozen can be declared the winner or, if you plan to do multiple rounds, he can be the sensei in the next round.

4) What Does Simon Say?

Ninja Turtles Party Game

Ninja Turtles Party Game

  1. Make all the kids stand in one line.
  2. Choose the eldest child in the group to be Simon.
  3. Let him stand out of the line facing the children.
  4. He should call out tasks that are to be performed by the others only if he adds the phrase “Simon says” at the beginning of the command and not otherwise. For example, if he calls out, “Simon says touch your nose.” all should follow. However, if he calls, “Hop on one foot.” everyone should stay put at their places without moving. If anyone even proceeds to follow the instruction, he is disqualified. Similarly, even after calling “Simon says” if someone doesn’t perform the task/delays/ does it wrongly, he is out.

[N.B.: It would be a good idea if he makes a nice mix of the two types of commands. For example, he can give the “Simon says” commands 5 times at a stretch then suddenly give the “Simon says” a miss the 6th time. It catches the kids off guard and they learn to be alert.]

  1. The winner or the Simon of the next round is the one who correctly follows all of Simon’s instructions and is the only person remaining after all are out.

In case the whole group becomes out by wrongly following a command, they will all continue playing until a winner is decided.

5) Break the Board in One Karate Move

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Game

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Game

Take as many Styrofoam boards as there are children and paint them brown to resemble wood. You can keep a few extra pieces handy. Before starting, explain the youngsters that only trained martial artists can perform this activity on real wooden boards and they should never try that lest they get badly injured.

  1. Have 2 adults hold a board by its sides at a height accessible to the kids.
  2. Line the little ones up and let them take turns at breaking the board in just one karate move of their choice. They have to give out a cry before the action.

We bet they are going to yearn for repeating this game for more rounds. This is just for enjoyment and there is no one winner. On becoming successful at their efforts they can be given small prizes for recognition. If you want you can give the winner’s trophy to the one with the best TMNT move.

Here is wishing you best of luck with the party planning and decorations. The fun factor and bonding will be taken care of by the games. Cowabunga guys!

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