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6 Valentine Day Party Games for Adults

Love, it is often said, grows when you are inclined to bare open your heart more. Well, how about ditching a mushy candlelit dinner this Valentine Day, for one, exclusively dedicated to enjoying a host of exciting games among friends and dear ones, who are either single or already engaged? Does not sound too dull. So, why not take a look at the array of games listed below for a day brimming with passion, togetherness and also, a bit of mystery!

Valentine Day Party Game Ideas

Valentine Day Party Games for Adults

Lover’s Line Up

Adult Valentine Day Games

Things Needed
  • 2 chairs
  • 20 paper strips
  • 2 bowls

Before this game for couples begins, write down questions like your favorite movie, a dream destination, etc. All papers should have different queries. Now hand out the strips, 10 to the male contestants and 10 to the females.

  1. Make your female friends sit on one side and males on the other side. Place the chairs, both facing opposite directions, in the center.
  2. Ask the members to write down the answers to the questions asked within 1 minute. They must also write their names.
  3. Now, take up all the strips and put those belonging to the females in one bowl and those of the males, in another.
  4. Pick up 2 strips that are of a particular couple. Call out their names and make them take the chairs.
  5. Start by asking the male member, questions about his partner. When he finishes, repeat the procedure now with his beloved.
  6. Write down the right answers of each in a separate sheet and let the other contestants play similarly.
  7. Declare the couple that can give the maximum right answers as the winner.

Cinderella’s Slipper

Valentine Day Game Adults

Things Needed
  • 1 whistle

Before starting this 1-minute kitty party game, ask all ladies to take off their shoes and keep them in one corner of the room.

  1. Make all couples stand back to back at the center.
  2. With your blowing the whistle, they should run to where the shoes are kept and pick out their partner’s pair.
  3. The contestant, who can make his dear one wear first, wins and the particular couple is given the title, “Cinderella Couple”.

Valentine Party Balloon Game

Valentine Day Adult Game

Things Needed
  • 10 balloons
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Pair up the amiable bunch of young adults present, and let them stand in the middle of the room. Place a balloon between each couple, such that they must not try to touch it with their hands.
  2. Select a start and end point.
  3. As you say, “go”, each should try to go to the end point with the balloon in their midst.
  4. The couple that can successfully do so within 2 minutes wins.

Pin Dance

Valentine Day Party Ideas for Adults

Things Needed
  • 1 bowl
  • 12 paper strips
  • 6 large pieces of paper/cloth
  • 1 music system

This one can be a perfect way of letting the blushing single adults of your party find a lovely partner. So, prior to everything, in small strips of paper, write down the names of each young participant and mix them in a bowl.

  1. Ask a girl to pick a piece from the bowl and declare the name of the boy, with whom she has to dance. Let the other 5 girls do the same.
  2. Now, each pair must take a piece of cloth and stand on them.
  3. Start any music so that they start dancing. Change the song in the middle and ask them to fold their clothes into a half and continue dancing.
  4. The couple that steps out is eliminated and the one stays until the end, gets a prize.

Flip and Drink

Valentine Day Party Game Idea for Adults

Things Needed
  • 1 coin
  • 10 beer bottles
  • 1 table
  1. Start this drinking game by allowing everyone to form a circle round the table. Keep the beer bottles at one side.
  2. Pick two and ask them whether they would go with “head” or “tail” before flipping the coin into the air.
  3. Toss it and accordingly make the one, whose prediction has turned out wrong, drink as much as his opponent wishes.
  4. Let the winner decide the next pair of contestants.

Capture Your Heart

Valentines Day Game for Adult

Things Needed
  • 2 paper made hearts
  • 2 boxes
  • 2 small tables
  • 1 stopwatch
  1. Keep the tables, boxes, and chairs in the shape of a big heart and keep one paper heart at the starting point of the race. Make 2 groups, “A” and “B” of 3 members each.
  2. Let one constant of group “A” stand near the ensuing point, another in the middle of the course and the third at the end.
  3. As you say “go”, one participant should take a paper heart, run to where the second one is standing, by overcoming the obstacles to hand the heart to him. He then should run and give it to the third.
  4. Note the time taken by group “A” and allow team “B” to repeat the game. The group, completing first is the winner.

These games can usher variety and fun at offices too. Try making some even more intriguing and watch how your colleagues bank on you for more such events in future. However, be alert to maintain the true spirit of the party by not being too authoritative or extra forceful. The arrow of Cupid, you must know, can never miss a pair in love. So, help out the small guy by taking the aid of games, but do not attempt to be him in any way.

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