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5 Cool Water Balloon Games and Fight Ideas

Want to beat the heat of summer by indulging your kid in something splashy and exciting? Check out these water balloon games that are surely going to make your child wish for the vacations never to end. There are some fun fight ideas as well for a summer splash birthday party.

Games to Play with Water Balloons

Water Balloon Fight

1) Who Pops the Most: A Game for Toddlers

  1. Collect about twenty balloons, fill them with water.
  2. Assemble them in two sides of a swimming pool, or a large tub (You may hang a rope to mark different sides).
  3. Now, divide the players into two teams and let them stand in their respective zones.
  4. As you blow a whistle, they will start stomping the balloons. The team that pops the highest number wins.

Games to Play with Water Balloons

2) Catch and Find: A Fun Game for Kids of All Ages

It is better to play this game outdoors, like in the park or your backyard, as it is sure to get messy.

  1. Put small items like marbles, pennies, or balls along with water into the water balloons.
  2. Make two teams and give each, an empty container.
  3. As each team throws balloons at their opponent, they have to catch and gather the stuff inside.
  4. Set a time limit. The team with the greatest number of objects will be the winner.

Water Balloon Games for Kids

3) Who’s the Driest: A Classic Water Balloon Toss Game

  1. Make two groups and give the same number of water balloons to each.
  2. Mark specific territories for the two teams with cardboard boxes. (Placing a large table between them would work as well)
  3. As soon as you say “start,” they will start drenching each other by throwing the balloons. Whichever team is the driest after all the balloons are gone, dons the winning cap.

Water Balloon Games

4) Water Balloon Pinata: An Individual Challenge Game for Parties

A good option for smaller groups, it’s a fun one for adults as well as kids.

  1. Hang several water balloons in a string.
  2. Blindfold each child in turn with a bandana.
  3. Then allow them to burst three balloons within three chances. The child who can successfully do so is the champion.

Water Balloon Pinata

Water Balloon Pinata Game Ideas

5) Swinging the Bucket: A Colored Water Balloon Fight for Teenagers

This one is more fun to play at the beach, but your backyard is also a good option.

  1. Add a few drops of food color of your choice to the water while filling the balloons. (Using different colors is more fun)
  2. Fill a small bucket up to the brim with the colored balloons.
  3. Tie the bucket to a long rope.
  4. Then, dangle it in a way that one player will have to stand under it, firmly holding one side of the rope so as not to spill the bucket on his/her own head.
  5. Make the other kids throw water balloons at the player standing under the bucket for 1 minute (use a stopwatch)
  6. The moment the first player loses grip on the rope, he/she will get smeared by the colored balloons. One who withstands till the end emerges victorious

Water Balloon Games for Teenagers

Water Balloon Fight Games

Children get easily bored and drained out in the lazy, long days of summer. Make these dull days exciting by arranging any of these water balloon games. You may add your variations too.

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