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9 of the Best Word Games to Play in the Car

There’s no alternative to word games in long car rides. Traveling for hours within a restricted place soon thrusts the mind towards a pit of infinite boredom, and one of the best remedies is engaging in some nifty word related car games. So before you hit the trail next time, make sure your backpack contains some of these so that you are relieved of uttering the habitual, “Oh! When is this journey going to end?”

Word Games to Play in the Car

4 Fun Word Games to Play for Adults in Car Rides

1. Make a Story

Word Games Car

Steps to Play

  1. Start by saying a word such as “long”. Let your partner say another word that is grammatically correct and helps to elongate the sentence, like “ago”.
  2. Accordingly, passengers 3 and 4 can furnish words like, “there,” and “lived” and passenger 5 can complete the sentence by saying something unusual like, “a frog”.

The main idea is to make a long and funny story. The more hilarious the words are, the greater is the amusement achieved throughout your journey.

2. Twenty Questions

Word Games to Play in Car

Steps to Play

  1. Make two groups of 3 members each.
  2. One person from the first group has to think of an important historical figure. The other group members have to guess the person by asking questions like if he was a dictator, and if he lived in Germany. But, one cannot ask more than 20 questions.
  3. The feedbacks can be provided simply by saying yes or no. The answers can be guessed either in the middle or after finally completing the questions.

3. Sight the Word

Word Games for Car Rides

Steps to Play

  1. Write down random words that are normally seen on roads such as drive slow, bridge, caution, dead end or names of restaurants like, Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, etc. in separate papers.
  2. Exchange the sheets with your traveling partner. Taking turns, both of you have to spot them as you advance in your journey.
  3. The one who can mark the most is the winner.

4. Search the Words

Word Games for the Car

Things you’ll need

  • Two print-friendly car word search games

Steps to Play

  1. Distribute the word search print-outs between 2 groups of three members.
  2. Within a given time, each group has to find the names of three cars, hidden in the puzzle.
  3. The group that takes the minimum time to do so is victorious.

5 Easy Car Word Games for Kids

1. Guess the Word from Flashcards

Best Word Games Car

Things you’ll need

  • Flashcards containing action words like, eat well, sleep more, touch your nose, etc.

Steps to Play

  1. Divide the players into groups of two members each.
  2. Show a flashcard to one member of the first group. He then has to act out whatever is written on the card.
  3. If within a given time, the opponent group can guess the word correctly, it wins. Continue the game, using different flash cards for all the groups.

2. Name the Christmas Carol

Fun Car Word Games

Steps to Play

  1. Make groups of 2 members each.
  2. Say 2 or 3 words of famous Christmas carols in turns, and each group has to guess the title.
  3. The group that can decipher the most number of carols is the winner.

3. Make a Word from Cards

Popular Car Word Games

Things you’ll need

  • 20 or 30 cards containing parts of compound words like, “pro”, “ject”, “ion”, that can be combined to make one word, “projection”.

Steps to Play

  1. Divide the children into teams of three participants.
  2. In turn, give sets of three connected cards say, “in”, “com”, and “plete” to respective teams. Within 1 minute, each team has to guess the word.
  3. The team that can make the most right guesses is the winner.

4. Guess the Word from Pictures

Good Word Games in the Car Guess the Word from Pictures

Things you’ll need

  • 20 pictures of activities or hobbies such as a boy jumping, a girl singing, etc

Steps to Play

  1. Select a picture and show it to a kid and tell him that within 1 minute he has to say what it conveys in one or two words.
  2. If he cannot provide the correct answer, the chance passes on to the next kid. Repeat the pattern with the other children.
  3. The player who can give the maximum correct answers dons the winning cap.

5. Continue Naming

Easy Word Games in Car Rides Continue Naming

Steps to Play

  1. Start by saying the name of an animal, say “an elephant”. Your fellow participant has to name another animal that begins with the last alphabet of the previously named animal.
  2. If a person cannot think of a name within a minute, the chance passes on to the next player.

The game can be played variously with names of actors, countries, eatables, etc.

Apart from providing entertainment, word games are good as learning tools too. Think about the multiple new words you get to know. Moreover, you may always put in your distinct variation. Hence, rather than dozing off, shake up a bit and play any of these games to make your extensive journeys exciting.

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