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5 Kick-ass Minecraft Party Games

A Minecraft themed party is a kid’s favorite occasion to enjoy to the fullest. Though Minecraft décor and treats play an important part in the success of the party, it can never be complete without a collection of exciting games that breathes life and vibrancy to the celebrations. Here are the guidelines for conducting a few of them.

Minecraft Party Games

Minecraft Party Games

1)    Quick Building Competition

For this game, you need to wrap up large boxes with papers having pixelated print on them just like the original Minecraft blocks.


  1. Divide the guests into two teams and give each team an equal number of blocks.
  2. They should be directed to build any structure with all the blocks given to their respective teams within 5 minutes.
  3. Signal them to begin and start the timer.
  4. At the end of the allotted time, judge the best structure.
Minecraft Party Game Idea

Minecraft Party Game Idea

You can either present the entire team a gift or give individual gifts.

2)    Pin the Tail on the Ender Dragon

Prepare by taking a printout of an Ender Dragon on a large sheet of paper (A2 paper size is preferable). Glue it the door at a height that is easily accessible by the children. Cut small rectangular strips out of construction paper and pen down the names of the kids on them.


  1. Blindfold a kid and hand him the strip that has his name on it.
  2. Giving him a pin, ask him to fix the tail at the apt place on the picture.
  3. Repeat with the other kids.
  4. The child who pins the tail the nearest or perfectly at its position is the winner.
Party Game Based On Minecraft

Party Game Based On Minecraft

3)    Musical Minecraft Blocks

This game is like musical chairs but with some difference. Instead of the chairs, kids will stand on Minecraft blocks that are nothing but printed blocks of Minecraft diamond, coal, lapis lazuli, gold and redstone on A4 sized paper. As usual, keep one sheet of paper less than the number of children and play a racy track on the sound system to add to the fun. A large playground gives ample space for moving around freely.

Minecraft Themed Party Game

Minecraft Themed Party Game

4)    Explode the TNT Birthday Party Game

This game utilizes the Coke and Mentos experiment to make a replica of a TNT explosion. You need to play this in a large open area outdoors.


  1. Divide the kids into teams.
  2. Place 2-liter diet coke bottles in boxes decorated in TNT theme. You need as many boxes having Coke bottles within as the number of teams.
Minecraft Game Idea for Birthday Party

Minecraft Game Idea for Birthday Party

  1. Give the children directions on how the experiment works.

[N.B. You may tell them that they should roll a sheet of paper into a tube such that 4-6 Mentos just fits inside. Then they should hold the tube upright the mouth being closed by a card. Swiftly move the card to allow the Mentos fall perpendicularly into the bottle and watch the geyser take shape.]

  1. Supply each team a packet of Mentos and a card.
  2. Signal them to start and declare the winner depending on which team produces the highest explosion in the shortest time.
Minecraft Birthday Party Game

Minecraft Birthday Party Game

It would be good to give the young minds the scientific background of the TNT game.

5)    Digging up Diamonds


  1. A few days before the party take as many plastic cups as the no. of kiddos.
  2. Put a candy at the base and fill up with different colored layers of soda or juice, adding 1 layer and freezing every day.


  1. Each child should be handed over a cup with the frozen layers.
  2. They should also be provided with metallic spoons and plastic plates on which they will perform the activity.
  3. At the start signal, they should begin digging down the ice to extract the candies or the so-called “diamonds”.
  4. The kid who hunts down the diamond in the least amount of time is the winner.
Minecraft Party Game

Minecraft Party Game

Once the game is over, the children can savor the remains of the popsicles and the candies to their hearts’ content. Loads of fun guaranteed!

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