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4 Entertaining Super Bowl Party Games

As you are busy catching the best NFL football action during a Super Bowl party, keep the sporting spirit alive by organizing a few easy games that will call for loads of cheering and healthy competition. We have made separate sections for seniors and kids so that when you are playing them with family, you have something for all ages.

Super Bowl Party Game

Super Bowl Party Games for Adults

These contests suit any group, big or small, can be played at home and are specially geared at the youth.

Betting Game

Super Bowl Party Betting Game

A gambling game is a huge favorite among the Super Bowl fans. Let’s see if you got lady luck by your side on the big day. A heavier pocket could see a wild after-party.

  • Markers and a poster board or a custom pool board
  • Hat
  1. Draw a 10 x 10 grid on a poster board and write the name of 1 team at the top and the other on the side.
  2. Sell each square on the grid for a fixed amount of money.
  3. Once the bets are placed, assign the numbers 0-9 for each row and column heading in a random manner. You may draw out the numbers from the hat for deciding on the sequence of the digits.
  4. Now your football squares betting grid is complete. You would have to wait till the game starts.
  5. A winner is decided at the end of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters and the finals.
  6. To determine the champion, just look at the last digit of the score of each team. For example, suppose the score at halftime for New York Giants is 15 and Miami Dolphins is 24. The last digit is 5 and 4 for the 2 teams respectively.
  7. Now go to the grid and find out the cell that is at the intersection of 5 and 4 for the respective teams.
  8. The owner of that cell is the winner. The payout can be 20% of the potluck for each quarter and the winner for the final score gets the remaining 40%.

Questions Game

Super Bowl Party Game for Adults

People love to take a few shots in the dark. Tap into their guessing power with this fun game. It is great to see some serious people racking their brains over calculated guesses while some leaving it on luck by making random choices.

  1. Before the game begins hand the player sheets of paper containing around 10 questions where they have to make predictions of the results. You can take inspiration from the below printable questionnaire.
  1. They should write their names on the top and the answers within a fixed time.
  2. Collect the papers before the start of the game.
  3. In the end or even during the match, prepare the correct set of answers.
  4. Tally the above with the submitted answers and the person with the maximum correct guesses wins. If no one gets them correct, the winner is the one with the closest predictions.

If you want, you can turn this into a prop betting game by allowing everyone to place bets for each question to accumulate a considerable pot. The winner naturally takes it all.

Drinking Game Idea during Commercials

Super Bowl Party Drinking Game

Here is a perfect excuse for people not interested in the game to keep themselves engaged (or rather tipsy). Anytime a particular product is displayed, or a certain word is said in the TV commercials, the guests need to drink for 1-10 seconds depending on the rules.

  1. Make sufficient pegs of your preferred drink for your guests. You should have someone to make more of them as the game proceeds.
  2. Print out lists (the same number as the participants) containing the names of the products and the words with the drinking time beside each one of them.

N.B. You are free to customize the lists to highlight some of the favorite or most creative parts of the commercials.

  1. Distribute them among the guests before the start of the match.
  2. The person who finishes the most pegs after drinking for the designated time is the winner. Anyone failing to drink promptly at the specified signal is out.

Here are a few rules for illustrative purposes.

  • Anytime a car is shown – 2 seconds
  • Anytime a baby is shown – 2 seconds
  • Someone says “Love” – 3 seconds
  • Anytime you see someone drinking – 7 seconds
  • Anytime you get to see a bottle of beer or liquor – 10 seconds!

Another idea is to download the commercial Bingo game cards from here or the image below and take printouts for distribution. Watch the ads closely and cross off the corresponding companies. The champion is the one who gets a complete row (it could be vertical, across or diagonal) canceled first.

Super Bowl Party Game Idea

Super Bowl Party Game for Kids

Let the kids join in the celebrations by taking part in this cool activity that is just a modification of the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game.

Wall Football

Super Bowl Party Game for Kids

  1. Make footballs out of construction paper, the same no. as the players.
  2. Use painters tape to create a goal post on the wall or a whiteboard.
  3. Blindfold the children and allow them to pin the footballs within the post.
  4. Anyone managing to land it between the uprights gets a prize.

The unique Super Bowl themed party games can also be played at offices, nursing homes, etc. to increase the bonding between colleagues and fellow inmates.

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