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6 Swashbuckling Pirate Party Games You Can Try

While organizing a pirate themed party, apart from taking care of the decorations, costumes and the food, attention has to be paid to conducting enjoyable games to breathe life into the celebrations. As the youngsters get engaged in the activities, the adults should be around to guide them properly so that they don’t go overboard. Our list of indoor and outdoor game suggestions is ideal for 2 to 8-year olds, including toddlers and preschoolers with advice for customizing them for adults and 9-11-year olds.

Pirate Party Game

Pirate Party Game

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Games

Walk the Plank

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Game

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Game

For this, you will need a couple of rectangular cinder blocks set on the ground and tied at the ends of a long wooden board (around 4 feet) with twine. It should be narrow enough to just fit a child’s feet.

  1. Make the kids line up at one end of the plank.
  2. At the start signal, they cross the plank with both feet kept closely together at each step.
  3. The child who crosses the fastest gets the prize. However, there should a treat bag placed at the end of the board for all.

If you want to include the toddlers, support them throughout the walk to prevent them from falling. It hones their balancing skills.

Hunt for Treasure

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Party Game

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Party Game

Line up plastic buckets or kiddie pools equaling the number of children and filled with sandbox sand on the ground. Embed treasures in the sand that could be plastic jewelry, toys or pirate rings. Each bucket should have the same number of goodies.

  1. Arrange the children in a line in front of their respective buckets keeping a distance of about 5 meters.
  2. Hand them empty treasure bags.
  3. At the start signal, they run to their buckets and try to fill the bags with as many treasures as they can.
  4. Give the stop signal after 5 minutes.
  5. The child with the maximum treasures in his bag is the winner.

If you are organizing a pirate pool party, you can put the plastic jewelry at the bottom of the water at different places and let the kids get into Pirates of the Caribbean mood by diving inside to secure the maximum treasures within a specified time interval. Tap the mystery element of the game to infuse thrill in the young minds at Halloween or dinner parties.

Pirate Birthday Party Games

Sink the Ship

Pirate Birthday Party Game

Pirate Birthday Party Game

Prepare for this unique game by taking 2 large cardboard boxes and tearing off their backs and bottoms. Paint them in brown with a strip of blue at their bottoms resembling the sea waters. Paint the names of the ships on the front in white. Stand the structures on the ground facing each other at a distance of about 5 meters apart. You might need supports for propping them up.

  1. Divide the kids into two teams and hand them bags full of balls of crumpled newspaper. Each team should have the same number of newspaper cannons.
  2. Let the teams take their positions behind the cardboard enclosures resembling ships.
  3. At the start signal, each team throws the balls at the other one.
  4. If a team member catches a ball, then it is his team’s and he can use it for further bombardment.
  5. However, if he can’t catch it and it lands inside the ship, it will start to sink!
  6. At the stop signal that comes after a pre-decided time interval, the teams come out of the enclosures and the number of balls inside each ship is counted.
  7. The one with the least number of cannons in it had housed the winning team.

Toss the Ring

Pirate Theme Party Game Idea

Pirate Theme Party Game Idea

Drill a set of big metal hooks onto a large wooden board painted in red and black stripes (optional) and propped by wooden legs. You can also stand the board against a tree.

  1. Let a kid stand at a small distance (about a foot) from the board with a specific number of plastic rings in his hand.
  2. He should hurl the rings, one of one, towards the board such that they land around the hooks.
  3. Repeat the activity with the other children.
  4. The kid who has the most number of correct hits gets the winner’s trophy.

For adults or older children (9-11 years of age) playing the hook toss, increase the distance between the players and the board and use rings having smaller diameters.

Swab the Deck

Pirate Party Game for Kids

Pirate Party Game for Kids

You would need to cover the floor of a large hall completely with balloons for this game.

  1. Divide the children into 2 teams and give each team member a broom.
  2. Line the first team up side by side near one wall of the room.
  3. At the start signal, they try to clear all the balloons lying on the floor with the broom and collect them neatly along the opposite wall of the room.
  4. The time taken to clear the floor is recorded and the same method is repeated with the 2nd
  5. The team which swabs the deck the fastest is the winner.

Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate

  1. Take a printout of the large face of a pirate and fix it to a door or on the wall.
  2. Give the children black duct tape and blindfold them.
  3. They should take turns to put the piece of black tape on the left eye of the image.
  4. The child who tapes most accurately is the winner.

As the games are pretty easy and can be played at home, girls will also have a blast while participating in them if you are hosting a princess or mermaid and pirate theme party. Being simple and quick, you can adapt them for pirate themed hen parties too. Inspired by our creative and out of the box ideas your party is sure to be a huge hit with the kiddos. It would be good to get them dressed in pirate gear before starting the fun. You can also mention the dress code on the invites. Let the brave pirates have a great time in your company.

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